Eid al-Adha Outfit: Purple Modern Baju Kurung

Shah and I celebrated Eid Al-Fitr back in July in Shah's hometown, so I must say, it was a nice change to be celebrating the other Eid with my family in the home where I grew up!

Eid Al-Adha fell on Friday, the 1st of September this year. Shah and I were making our way back from Singapore on the bus the night before and arrived around 3am so safe to say we were both exhausted that Eid morning! I was so tired that I even took a lengthy nap right after eating breakfast (comprised of the most delish Eid food cooked by my mom, of course).

In recent years, it's been the norm for me to put off getting my Eid outfit ready, usually procrastinating until the week before or something (some people plan out their Eid outfit months before!). Apparently I enjoy living dangerously because this time, I didn't even bother preparing anything even though I knew I would have very little time to get ready, what with the Singapore trip and everything — really, NOTHING was prepared. I woke up early Friday morning and had sleepily stood in front of my closet and asked myself, "OK, so, what do we wear today for Eid mmm?"

I did just fine, though; in the end I settled for this purple set, which is the sort of "updated" version of the traditional Malaysia baju kurung — the same sweet purple lace modern baju kurung I wore to my cousin's wedding last year, which matched Shah's traditional baju Melayu.
Note: See our matching purple Eid outfits on Instagram!

The thing is, I have wayyy too many scarves but I constantly find it a challenge to find the right hijab scarf to match my outfit but thankfully this light olive green was within reach! I finished my garb with my triangle earrings (worn with my fave jumpsuit previously) and my gold block-heeled pumps and resorted to doing my makeup — which I kept very simple — only after I woke up from my nap!

    To all my Muslim readers, I hope you had a great Eid as I did, and hopefully it's not too, too late to wish you all: Eid Mubarak and Assalamualaikum <3

    Wearing: tailored modern baju kurung  |  Lovisa earrings  |  H&M gold pumps

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    1. You look so beautiful! What a fabulous colour. I hope to see you tomorrow on my fancy Friday link up party!

      1. Hi Nancy! Thank you so much for your sweet comment. And I've linked up this post in your blog too!

    2. Oh Liyana! This lavender color is really stunning on you!! Also, the color of your scarf which you describe as light olive (and looks very taupe to me in the photos) is absolutely terrigic with your complexion!! No one would ever guess that you were3 totally read to go for Eid Al Ahad!! It must be really nice to have these occasions every year where you're expected to dress like a princess!!!
      I'll bet the contrast of a little Mickey and Minnie makes it all the more fun to look forward to your Muslim holidays!! Happiest of Eid Al Ahad Liyana! Love, Jude

      1. You know what, I've been dressing up for Eid ever since I came out of my mother's womb (really, I've seen photos of me as a baby dressed in traditional garbs). It's such a normal yearly activity for Muslims here in Malaysia that I never thought of how special it appears to people who don't celebrate Eid. You are right, we do sort of get to be all princessy, and it's something I shouldn't take for granted. So thank you so much for making me realise that, Judy <3


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