Cat Print Silky Pajama Shirt with Cat-eye Sunglasses, Cropped Flare Jeans & Non-Juvenile Jelly Cutout Bag

Just so you guys know, I love cats. LOVE them. It's my dream to keep one as a pet, but I'm afraid it will forever remain that way: a dream, for more reasons than one. Since I can't own one, I'm content with petting others' cats, or even babying and feeding cute stray cats that visit my parents' place and mine.

Or, to get creative, fill that unfulfilled want in my life through my closet, by way of cat-eye sunglasses and this cat print silky pajama-style shirt that I wore together on my first day in Singapore recently.

See: My cat-whiskers jeans and cat-ears sunglasses + cat-face sling bag

I was in such glee when I saw this shirt during the recent Mango sales (got this shirt in Dubai Mall, btw!) and for some reason was so sure it came with matching pants that I searched the whole store for them, and when couldn't locate them, asked the person behind the counter twice about the possibility of matching pants. 

    I mean, really, how adorable would it be to wear this print head to toe out, right? (Really, I totally would.)

    Turns out, nope, it was a lone piece.

      And, as it turns out, I did see a matching set of cat print top and pants, only they were from a new collection in Zara, which I happened to pop into the previous week.
      Oh well, I can't be the first person to mix up highstreet brands that way, I'm sure...

      Speaking of Zara, that's where I got these cropped flare jeans from (lavvv these jeans) and this jelly cutout bag. I've seen plenty of jelly shoes and bags before but I always thought they look a bit juvenile (yep, this coming from the person wearing pajama-like cat print top), but I saw this bag in Zara and was immediately drawn to it  and it only cost me RM69.90, about 16 USD or like 13 pounds.


      Don't you just wish there's a matching pair of pants out there somewhere? And by "you" obvs I really mean "I"...

      Would you wear this pajama-like shirt yourself?

      PS: Will keep an eye on that Zara cat print matching set in future sales FO SHO although admittedly am a little worried because I saw them in Milan and Dubai and did not spot the cat print set here in Malaysia, eeek

      Wearing: Mango cat print pajama shirt  |  Zara cropped flare jeans  |  Adidas shoes  |  Zara jelly cutout bag  |  cat-eye sunglasses from Shibuya 109  |  Stradivarius hoop earrings

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      1. Adorable outfit as I am a huge cat lover! And I want that bag!!!! 😂😂😂😂 Thank you for linking up on Fancy Friday linkup!

        1. Thank you Nancy <3 <3 <3 and you're welcome, will link up again in the future!


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