Can you believe I visited Pull & Bear twice, saw this top both times, and then only finally took the plunge and got this ruffles top the third time I was in? But really, pure LUCK guys, especially since this was the very last one in that particular branch I was in.

      OK, so, the colourful poms poms straw bag, guys: do you love it, or do you LAVS IT. It's so kitschy and cute, I don't even care that I'm riding on the pom pom trend waves — not that I nor anyone else should ever care about doing so or care about others doing it! In fact, some might think I've piled on too many trends here and honestly I have, kind of, but also honestly, I love everything together and would absolutely repeat this outfit anyway.

      Heart over mind, and all that, I suppose...

      I got the bag earlier on the day I shot this outfit but was so keen on featuring this bag immediately with this sky blue ruffles top and my gingham platform sneakers (which are surprisingly comfortable!) that I swapped it with my original bag right before Shah photographed my OOTD.

      Speaking of shooting these photos, these were taken in this huge supermarket in Singapore called Mustafa Centre. That place is freakin AHMAYZING, guys; it's not an exaggeration to say it has literally everything you need in your daily life, and on top of that it's open 24/7. I've always wanted to do an outfit shoot in a supermarket (seriously) so it was so satisfying that I get to do it in Singapore in such an impressive outlet. (Also, as a cereal-lover, this cereal-boxes background is A DREAM.)

        The thing is, I always repeat items from my closet and shoot them for my blog — in fact I make it a point to do so, and I usually link older posts that feature those items — but I try not to re-wear one thing too soon so as not to appear repetitive. 

        But seriously, I love these two toned jeans SO MUCH I don't care too much this time around, even though I just posted my Dubai outfit in which I had them on; I just couldn't wait to shoot them again so I brought the jeans with me to Singapore. I think they're flattering and they fit so well, plus I am uhbsessed with the split hues at the front.

          By the way, I've been back from Seoul for a couple of days now, where I got to photograph plenty of outfits. As a style blogger that makes me incredibly happy because that means content content CONTENT, which I can't wait to edit and share here.

          I hope you like this outfit, and please come back soon to Affordorable for my next one! xo

          PS: I really was studying that bottle of soda and wasn't just posing; I had never seen A&W's cream soda before as it isn't available in Malaysia (I think?)

          PPS: I am so annoyed that I can't remember the name of the shop on Haji Lane where I got this adorable bag from! If anyone is wondering, it's one of the accessories shops at the end of the lane that does not have that colourful funky Instgrammable wall!

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          Wearing: Pull & Bear ruffles top  |  Mango jeans  |  Pull & Bear platform sneakers  |  Pom pom bag from Haji Lane, Singapore  |  Pull & Bear scarf