It might be a little weird, but I can't remember the last time I went leisure-walking in Malaysia during a hot afternoon, when the sun is at its highest. And I'm talking about serious walking here, not about walking from my doorstep into my car and walking from my car into an air-conditioned restaurant or mall.
It's an entirely different situation when you're visiting an exciting city overseas though, and wanting to make the most of your time there. Hot or cold, you'd be out exploring!

    My sartorial choices are more adaptable to air-conditioned surroundings and that meant I made some questionable wardrobe choices when I visited Milan recently during what felt like the hottest days of summer. What I learned was: skirt = good, jeans = not as good, so I made sure to bring one of my favourite skirts EVAH to Singapore with its matching shirt. I wish I could find more matching sets like this, or even a dress like it.

      I have this habit of saving special things for special occasions. In this case, my trip to the amazing Gardens of the Bay in Singapore definitely warranted this adorable clutch in the shape of a watermelon slice — only my most favourite fruit in the whole entire universe, guys!

      I bought the clutch last year so seriously guys I waited a longgg time for the "right time". I could've gone with simpler shoes but I've been loving the "maximalist" vibe lately so I slip into these lips print slip-ons, which I wore in my 'How To Dress When You're Feeling Lazy & Still Look (Mildly) Cool' post.

      Gardens of the Bay in Singapore was AMAZING. I've seen so many photos of the place on Instagram and knew roughly how unique the whole place is, but seeing it in real life was something else! These shots were taken in the Cloud Forest dome, where the amount of greenery they grew in there was simply breathtaking.

      This might be weird but the one thing that blew me away about the dome was the fresh, cool air in it, which doesn't feel artificial at all, amidst the hotness and humidity in Singapore! I kept saying "HOW does the air here tastes so good??" Some seriously fantastic air-conditioning going on in there guys, just amazing. I turned to Shah at one point in there and said, "If I live in this city I would come heree every month!"

      Although that might not be so practical, seeing as how the entrance fee into the dome wasn't exactly minuscule, but a girl can dream right?

            *Cloud Forest dome photos taken using iPhone 7+

            Wearing: Avan Lily striped shirt & skirt  |  Kate Spade watermelon clutch  |  Flossy Style slip ons  |  Lovisa earrings

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