Since I don't experiment as much with makeup anymore, the need to purchase makeup (or should I say the "want") is a lot lesser than clothes. But when H&M's makeup range is not available in Malaysia and I go to a place where it is available, Imma get my hands on some of them goodies, mmmkay.

I hadn't found an eyebrow powder that I liked  always preferred brow pencil over it  but I decided to give H&M Eyebrow Kit Powder and Wax a go. Their brow palette in Espresso contains a cool medium brown powder, a dark grey-almost black one, and clear wax.
This was the first time I tried out clear wax, and I am sold.

But let's talk the powders first: I LOVE them. Some of the problems with previous tried brow powders were no matter how much powder I used, I couldn't build it up to the right amount of intensity I wanted, plus they rubbed off too fast (especially when my hijab came into contact with them). Both powders in the Espresso palette proved to me that all previous brow powders I experimented with were crap, basically.

I know that some people apply the wax after drawing their eyebrows but I read some tips about how it's better to apply wax before the shadow to ensure the powders sticks to my skin and brow hairs better, and this method works really well for me.

    I don't know if this is overkill, but after I'm done with the wax and powders, I layer the clear H&M Brow Shaping Gel on top. Aside from making brow hairs look more natural and look more like, well, hair, again, the gel also helps to groom my unruly brow hairs further and can coax them to go in the directions that I want them to go!

    It sounds a little ironic how I need to apply more products to make my brows look more natural, but it's like how some people spray face mist after finishing off their face, or when you consider the arsenal of products needed to achieve the perfect "no-makeup" makeup look  that's makeup for you, I suppose!

    I really did like Benefit Gimme Brow Volumizing Eyebrow Gel, only as much as I like the bold-brow look, the shade 4 I had was a tad too strong for my liking. It's possible to go veeery gentle-handed with it to make it less intense, but do you know hard it is to be gentle when you're due to leave your house in 10 minutes and you still haven't done your concealer, cheeks, and lips?

    I've been abandoning my Benefit ever since I got my hands on these two H&M brow products, and yes I feel bad about it, guys, since Benefit is so darn pricey!

    Fun fact: did you know I started this blog as a makeup / beauty blog, and that it was called "Let's Not Kiss & Just Makeup?"
    I was so proud of that name, guys.

    I'm pretty bummed that H&M makeup isn't in Malaysia but since I'm already loving these brow products (and the lipsticks and blush I got as well), I sincerely hope their makeup range will make its way here in the near future!

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