What I Wore To F1 Sepang Qualifying Day 2017: Birds Of Paradise Babydoll Top & Split-Side Skirt | Does Uniqlo Airism Really Work?

H&M Bird Of Paradise Babydoll Top Matching Split-Side Skirt
H&M Bird Of Paradise Print Top and Skirt

    Sadly, 2017 is the final year of Malaysia hosting Formula One in Sepang. It was just last year that I started to love the sport but now my dream of annually watching it has come to a crashing end (pun intended). Shah and I talk about watching it in neighbouring Singapore and perhaps even Monaco (hey, dream big, right?) but it'll be far in the future, seeing as how that isn't exactly financially viable at the mo — we'll just have to put a pin on it for now!

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    I've always had a thing for matching sets but this one particularly attracted my attention for a reason: when Shah and I got married almost 8 years ago, we had a birds of paradise wedding cake! If I had my dad's gardener blood in me, my garden would definitely be filled with birds of paradise flowers.

    I've never been a fan of babydoll tops but I couldn't help it with this one; the adorable print just sucked me in and then the matching skirt just doubles the adorbs factor so I was basically helpless here, guys!

    H&M Bird Of Paradise Print Babydoll Top Split-Side Skirt
    H&M Bird Of Paradise Split-Side Skirt
      H&M Bird Of Paradise Babydoll Top Matching Split-Side Skirt
      H&M Coachella Inspired Bracelet Ring
      Chloe Mini Marcie Sling Bag Brown Sugar
      Seeing as how they're both sheer, layering is a must though which is always an issue when you plan to spend time outdoors, where you will inevitably sweat in hot and humid Malaysia! I decided to take out the Airism long-sleeve top from Uniqlo for a spin and see if it lives up to its reputation.

      So, did Airism work? I'm a fan of Uniqlo's heattech products but I was a bit sceptical about their Airism range, especially after trying out their hijab inner-wear that did nothing for me — although, to be fair, it was the design of the inner-wear that put me off and nothing to do with the material.

      Wearing hijab with hoop earrings
      H&M Bird Of Paradise Babydoll Top Matching Split-Side Skirt
      But I'm happy to report that the navy blue Airism top I had underneath the babydoll top worked like a charm; it was cooling to my skin the wholeee day. I'm used to layering long-sleeved tops underneath revealing tops so I can assure you that swapping a regular cotton tee for Airism would work in your favours. I'll be stocking on other Airism products for sure, but I kind of wish they have a skirt in that range now!

      *NOT a sponsored post, guys!

      Wearing: H&M birds of paradise print babydoll top  |  H&M birds of paradise print split side skirt  |  Uniqlo Airism long-sleeve t-shirt  |  Uniqlo black maxi skirt  |  Bershka cutout boots (I wore the same boots with a black H&M floral dress to F1 last year!) |  Chloe Marcie Mini bag  |  H&M ring + bracelet  |  Lovisa earrings

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        1. Hi Nancy! Thank you for your interest, hahaha! I plan to share that information in my post on the Race Day and not this Qualifying Day post, but since you asked, it was Red Bull's Verstappen, who won it a day or two after his 20th birthday!

      2. You are beautiful in blue dear Liyana!
        I love hearing that your father is a gardener. Having summers off meant that my own love of gardening could go wild. I had quite a large flower garden at the home I left behind in Minnesota. It was difficult to leave behind.
        I'm really loving this matching set and the baby doll style top is really cute! I'm thinking it's also practical in allowing some cooling air circulation. The Airism top sounds like another great solution to dressing modestly while still feeling comfortable in a hot climate. Love, Jude

        1. My mother-in-law is also an avid gardener - she even talks to them, she claims that her plants grow better as a result of it because they understand her love for them! Whenever she had to leave home for a few short days she would tell Shah and I how bad she feels for abandoning them at home. If you're anything like her I can't imagine how you must have felt leaving your Minnesota garden behind. Then again, your garden is now is SO LUSH and beautiful, it's a nice compensation, no?

          You're spot on on the "air circulation", the top and skirt definitely are breezy, so practical in our weather here!


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