How Hijabis Can Wear Skirts Without Looking Too 'Girlie' | Adidas T-shirt + Skirt + Sneakers & (Sorta) Statement Earrings

How Hijabis Can Wear Skirts Without Looking Too 'Girlie'
During my early years of wearing the hijab I struggled with wearing skirts out, out of fear of looking too "girlish". That might have been a ridiculous notion but at the time, as a baby hijabi, I couldn't see ways to "edge" up a skirt.

Now, I can't say I've perfected my style — and I don't think I ever will — but I do have a better idea of how to style my skirts and dresses! First of all, fact: sneakers go with EVERYTHING (well OK almost everything) and will definitely make any outfit less girlie, but there's also such a thing as choosing the right kind of sneakers.

How Hijabis Can Wear Skirts Without Looking Too Girlish
Adidas Orlando City T-shirt
    Adidas t-shirt, Adidas skirt, Adidas Superstar snakeskin sneakers
    My Adidas skirt here is print-heavy, a little voluminous and is of maximum length so I prefer to stick with low-cut sneakers here. I like my high-tops with a more streamlined skirt or dress that ends higher than my ankles, such as this black skirt with pink Timberland boots or my H&M floral dress with my black Adidas high-tops.

    But of course, at the end of the day it's about what and how YOU think you look best in, so plenty of experimenting is the way to go here.

    Adidas t-shirt Adidas skirt Adidas Superstar snakeskin sneakers
      Issey Miyake Bao Bao white clutch long chain strap
      Another way I like to edge up a relatively feminine skirt is to pair it with my favourite statement t-shirt or top, preferably in a looser cut. My younger brother bought me this "Orlando" Adidas t-shirt when he visited it last year but I had no idea what to wear it with until I thought of this outfit, thinking about how the purples in the tee and the skirt would tie in together.

      To top off a tee, I like going for an oversized blazer or a denim jacket; I couldn't wait to wear my boxy navy blazer again but I would be happy to go with any of my denim jackets too, like this faded oversized Levi's.

      How Hijabis Can Wear Skirts Without Looking Too Girlie
      For the finishing touches, bold and kitschy accessories are the way to go! I rarely break out my Bao Bao clutch so it feels like a "treat" when I do, plus it's always an interesting addition to any outfit. You guys may know how much into earrings I've been lately but I was legitimately worried about falling into the dangerous territory of being bored with plain hoops so I switched it up this time with these dangly navy ones.

      Which, admittedly, are still kind of hoops, but just a fancier kind!

      How to wear hijab with earrings
        How Hijabis Can Wear Skirts Without Looking Too Girlish
        Another useful trip on how hijabis can wear a skirt or a dress without appearing girlie? Just throw a whole load of Adidas wear on yourself, that seems to help, too...

        •     •     •     •     •     •     •

        I shot this outfit on my first day out during my September Seoul trip in Myeongdong, but I can't wait to share with you guys the rest of my Seoul outfits. Check out this space soon for them! XO

        Wearing: Mango navy boxy blazer  |  Adidas "Orlando" t-shirt  |  Adidas floral skirt  |  Adidas Superstar sneakers  |  Issey Miyake Bao Bao clutch  |  Earrings from a little shop in China


        1. What a title Liyana!
          I simple had to come and have a nosey......
          Simply stunning.
          I love the colours here, and the sheen from your scarf is divine.
          You are ALWAYS girly.
          Without exception.
          Even in your most androgynous outfits.
          Miss Edge!
          Such an inspiration to a non-hijab wearer, like me.
          p.S Love that cheeky peep of earrings.
          Fake Fabulous | Style and fun with fashion, over 40

          1. Thank you SO MUCH, Samantha. Your kind compliments really mean a lot to me, more than you know. I love blogging regardless of the numbers involved, but your comments really inspire me to keep going and to continue doing this, if you must know. I am very very flattered that my style appeals to style gurus such as yourself! <3

            I loved how the sheen shows through in my pics too, by the way, the lighting was being nice to me on this particular day =D

        2. Ok, now you've done it!! Liyana, that gorgeous skirt is covered in my absolute favorite flower!!! The PANSY!!! They are tough ligtle buggers and look like the faces of people! Sometimes you can find them thriving under an early spring snow!! I have loved them forever and always and I must have this skirt.
          You look beautiful in this outfit and have styled it wonderfully. The navy and vibrant pink in your hijab and in the t-shirt are lovely!!
          Gotta go find that skirt!!:-):-):-) Love, Jude

          1. Yes, I remember that pansy is your favourite flower! You told me in a comment in a different post in which I wore this skirt (I don't fancy that outfit so much so I didn't bother linking it in this post). I have been searching for pansy print items after that but nope, no luck. Apparently pansies are not a famous print in fashion...? Such a pity though, because you got me looking into this flower and I love it now too, it's so sweet looking and pretty, especially when they're in a colourful bunch!

            Thank you for thinking that I did a good job styling the skirt! I feel like this is one of my firm favourite outfits of 2017 already to be honest, so to have others approve of it kind of verifies it. And I hope you do find a pansy print skirt, and please let me know when you do! <3

        3. I've always thought of you as being quirky, stylish and definitely feminine, Liyana. And "hijab-clad" has never once entered the equation. You've just been that super cool fellow Malaysian who makes looking good look so easy. Case in point this post.

          1. Sheela, thank you so so much for your kind words. I'm very flattered that you think of me that way, makes all these blogging worth it! <3


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