Oversized Cinderella Top from Shanghai Disneyland Park & Patched Ripped Jeans

Disney Oversized Cinderella Top Shanghai Disneyland Park shop
This is one of the more priceless tops I own, hands down. (I love my Disney things, after all!) I got this oversized peachy pink Cinderella top when I went to Disneyland Shanghai, alongside this Alice In Wonderland box clutch — really, how adorable is the top, right?? It's not cookie-cutter "adorable" either, if that makes sense, which make me even more uhbsessed with it.

See: My Snow White denim jacket (from Shanghai, too!)

Disney Oversized Cinderella Top Shanghai Disneyland Park shop
    Oversized Cinderella Top Shanghai Disneyland Park shop
    Peach Pink Cinderella Top Shanghai Disneyland
    I tend to not take things I treasure most out of my closet too often, out of (perhaps a little irrational) fear I would cause damage to it somehow, so this was only the second time I wore the top since buying it in April. I wore it first when I went to a fashion show my older sister co-organised in May but decided against sharing an outfit photo on Instagram from that night because I really wanted to do a full-blown outfit shoot wearing it. (#thatbloggerlife and all...)

    Oversized Cinderella Top Shanghai Disneyland Park
    Style Blogger Dongdaemun Design Plaza
    Aside from wanting to preserve their condition, there are certain things in my closet I find too precious to wear out without having anywhere special to go to, or something special to do (same thing I said in a post about this oversized denim jacket).

    PS: I wonder if I'm the only one who does this? Or do most people just live in the moment and put on ballgowns to their neighbourhood park in the afternoon if their heart desires it?

    I did think visiting Seoul for the second time was special enough to warrant this outfit though. I couldn't be happier that I got to shoot it at Dongdaemun Design Plaza, which is arguably the bloody coolest building in all of Seoul!

    Disney Cinderella Top

    I have to admit, this top is not the easiest to style, especially for a hijabi like me since I need to layer to "add sleeves" to it. I'm racking my brain thinking about what to pair the top with the next time I wear it — perhaps a skirt? We'll see what happens... (Which won't be for a while!)

    Wearing: Disneyland Shanghai oversized Cinderella top  |  Seed white shirt (men's)  |  Mitsumaru Emsexcite jeans  |  Adidas Superstar snakeskin  |  bag so old I can't remember where I got it

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    1. Oh my, it's a beauty and you've styled it perfectly!
      You can't go wrong with denim.
      The sleeves issue is easily solved with your fab layering skills.... I'm looking forward to seeing it styled with a skirt... or even over a maxi dress?
      Beautiful always Liyana!
      Fake Fabulous | Style and fun with fashion, over 40
      P.S.... I thought you might like to know that my youngest was looking at this post and said to me "Ooooo, I love her top! I like how that lady is on trend but still has her religion".... kids just say it like it is don't they? XXX

      1. Layering it on top of a maxi dress is a brilliant idea Samantha, I love it!!! I don't own that many maxi dresses but I'm already looking forward to giving what I have a round of "critical eye" =D

        That is so sweet of her! You must be so proud of your youngest - your daughter, am I correct? I'm always in awe of young kids who are already able to make amazing observations filled with notes of compassion and kindness, like yours did, what with so many negativity portrayed in mass media, but the parents are always really the ones shaping them to be that way! =) They say kids say the "darndest" things but they just have untainted wisdom too, I think <3 My nephew and niece are always schooling me, too!

      2. Kids have no prejudice...they have to learn if from their parents!
        All of my children do me proud when it comes to taking people as they find them.
        Young or old.
        Whatever religion....or no religion.
        From wherever.... black, white and all shades in between!
        Male, female... or gender fluid.
        Able bodied, or not.
        Being an arse is not dependant on any of these factors.
        I love that they just take people as they find them.

      3. Well then I must say they're lucky to have you as their mother. I'm sure they're already starting to impart wisdom on their peers! They sound like wonderful people and I'm sure I'd like them as much as I like you =)

    2. You look fabulous! What a fantastic cute top!

    3. Oh goodness Liyana! This top is so cute!! I really like the volor blocking effect. I think it adds sophistication to the top. It would be fun to wear a maxi dress with some of the colors of the top in the print of the dress. Something striped in yellows,blues and peach would be cool too! Your going to have fun with this already beloved top because it presents a challenge to your creativity but at the same time looks very cute as you've styled it here with good ol denim!!
      I'm late with my comments this time because I think was attending a blogger meet up in Seattle! It was SO much fun!!! I know... I'm not a blogger but the dear and kind host invited me to attend anyway!! I'm forwarding your blog to her in fact because I told her a bit about you!!
      Love, Jude

      1. I love that idea, pairing it with a maxi dress with STRIPES of similar colours that are in the top! "Good ol' denim" for sure; denim jeans always comes to my rescue whenever there's something that's difficult to style.

        A blogger meet-up, wow! That sounds like SO MUCH fun! You're sort of like a blogger in spirit anyway I think, hahaha! Thank you for sharing my blog with your blogger friend too <3

    4. The portrait of you by Ati is wonderful Liyana!! I can't reply on Instagram but i can peek at it and comment here! Love Jude

      1. Oh my God, I kind of feel like that was an achievement of some sort! I mean, I had nothing to do with Ati's sketch but it's just very touching and VERY flattering as a blogger, especially since I admire Ati myself.


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