Bohemian Denim Jacket with Little Pom Poms
Does everyone have one thing in their closet that they have too much of? I think it's pretty common for a person to think she has too many denim jeans (don't we all) but how about, say, denim jackets? Like, what is the normal number of denim jacket a girl should have in her closet?

I just remembered I blogged about how you can never own too many denim jackets, a post I just read again to jog my memory on what I had to say for the topic and DAYUM did I really buy six denim jackets in total from my Japan trips? I mean, I'm not surprised, looking at my denim jacket collection but still, dayummm — Japan really gave me the denim jacket bug!

It's funny how I "firmly" told myself in that post "no more blue denim jacket" because um yes I definitely got a couple of new ones since then, including this bohemian denim jacket. How could I resist? The back is so kitschy, and unlike some people who get turned off by kitsch I am all for a bit-to-a lot of it. I think it was the little pom poms hanging off the back that really hooked me in, all the way to the cashier.
(The fact that it was on sale and became affordable was a major factor too, of course.)

Mango Bohemian Denim Jacket with Pom Poms
Hijabi style blogger in Seoul

    Denim Jacket with Pom Pom Sling Bag with Pom Poms
    SO many ways to dress up this crazy jacket but this time around for my day out in Seoul, I matched it with my ruffle red dress and my colourful Converse sneakers (my first ever Converse sneakers, by the way), plus my new-ish baby green pom pom tasseled sling bag that made its debut in Affordorable with a black ruffles denim top.

    Aldo pom pom chain sling bag

      Red ruffle maxi dress
      Bohemian Denim Jacket with Pom Poms
      Don't worry, I don't have a crazy number of denim jackets to share with you — nowhere near, say, 30 or whatever, not even 20 I'm sure (I haven't counted, but I'm pretty positive about this). Rest assured, I get a lot of use out of each and every jacket (I usually grab one on my way to the movies) so it's all good, guys!

      •     •     •     •     •     •     •

      It's been a while since I colour-block; I basically piled on a bunch of primary and secondary colours in this one extra-modest outfit!
      I think this was a fun outfit to wear out but what do you guys think?

      Wearing: Mango bohemian denim jacket  |  Red dress from now-defunct brand (last worn on Affordorable in Tokyo with heart-shaped shades!)  |  Converse All Star  |  Aldo sling bag  |  Striped socks from Tokyo