As sad as I am about not seeing F1 at Sepang anymore, I do think Malaysia had a good run hosting the event for 19 years — I mean, Formula One in Malaysia was as old as a 19-year-old teenager for goodness sake!
(PS: Still constantly wish I had discovered my affinity for the sport earlier though...)

Sure, my Sepang F1 experience this year was nowhere near as good as last year's: we had assigned seats in 2016 (which meant guaranteed seats!!!), and the security this year was particularly disappointing, with no one manning the entrances to the different seating sections (again, unlike last year), plus I was distinctly alarmed when the security was extra lackluster on the Race Day as they waved people through without even doing proper security check! Horror much?

And let's not forget the cherry on the awesomeness cake of F1 Sepang 2016 (vs. the small less delicious cake that is F1 Sepang 2017, that is) which was getting to witness freakin' USHER performing  MAJOR HIGHLIGHT!!! And not just our F1 highlight, but basically LIFE highlight, OK guys?

Even so, with all these pros and cons (mostly cons of 2017), it really felt like the end of an era.

    Shah and I didn't spend too much time around the circuit in last month so I didn't manage to snap as many photos as I did last year, but I still want to share some of these scenes from the F1NALE  hope you enjoy perusing through them!

        For more F1 scene photos, check out these posts from my experience from last year's event (ahhh so nostalgic!):
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