My Little Black Backpack & The Not So On-Trend Grey Pinstriped Blazer

With the exception of the love affair I had with my Adidas drawstring backpack which I wore throughout my F1 experience last year, I don't think I'm much of the backpack fan in general. But seriously though, I have been carrying this little thayng with me everywhere I go, including to F1 Race Day recently  and I mean EVERYWHERE. I never fully realised how having both hands free at ALL times can be so liberating!

(Also, try using the frightfully wide and spanking heavy iPhone 7 plus using just one hand, guys. Just, nope, not happening for me.)

    So I know the checkered blazer trend is SO on right now but hey I just got this blazer a few months ago on sale in Bershka (you might have seen it paired with my metallic skirt from my Milan post?), so I'm not about to add another blazer into my closet so soon!

    But, you know, let's not rule out me scoring a checkered blazer in a future sale...

      Wearing: Bershka pinstriped blazer  |  Zara Champs Élysées t-shirt  |  Levi's slim jeans  |  Mango denim mules  |  Backpack from Myeongdong market in Seoul


      1. This is a very sophisticated and "right on" (to use 60's phrasing) look Liyana!! I think the grey blazer is really perfect and an oversize fit is also an item that could be picked up on consignment. I have no idea whether consignment shoppes are an option in Malaysia. You look really terrific Liyana ! X0 love , Jude

        1. Right onnn! =D

          I've always loved an oversized fit in a blazer, it's an especially practical thing for a hijabi in my opinion!

          ps: I'm not familiar with consignment options here either to be honest


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