ICYMI: My Instagram Friend Sketched Me

It was so exciting when I found out my Instagram friend @ati_o had taken the time to sketch me and watercolour it in! I've never met Ati before but I've always admired her from her feed: she's basically a super woman who travels the world for work and yet has time to compete as a triathlete in various competitions  and yet has time to draw wee little me!

Thank you again for this honour, Ati <3

If you want to see the photo of me that inspired Ati's sketch, visit my How Hijabis Can Wear Skirts Without Looking Too 'Girlie' post!

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  1. What a really lovely way to honor you! It's a very good likeness and I think you should have it framed!!! Love Jude

    1. You know what Judy, I just might do so!

  2. That is such a beautiful sketch babe! What a cool thing to have!


    1. Thank you Shloka! I think it's cool too =)


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