I call myself a "colour chaser" (seriously, it used to be in my Instagram bio even) but I'm not opposed to an all-black outfit either. I definitely understand the appeal of dressing oneself in black head-to-toe  or in my case here, almost all black head-to-toe.

    Just like any other colour, black seems to have different shades too (if you need proof, just test a bunch of liquid black eyeliners from different brands guysss) but unlike other colours, pairing shades of black together is practically foolproof.

    Most of my wardrobe purchases were discoveries I made in stores themselves, meaning they were not things I set out to buy when I stepped into their stores  which is how most people we know shop anyway, am I right or am I totally right?

    I love being pleasantly surprised when I find something that I immediately fall in love with and must have in my closet, but for some reason finding this witchy, perforated-like black robe felt like a true marvel! I think the facts that I'm a hijabi and for 5 days out of 7 every week I'm the "throw-anything-clean-on" kind of dresser mean I will be getting a whole lot of use out of this easy casual robe.

    (Side note: It does need a little ironing, annoyingly, but hey if no one sees the wrinkles on this blog or Instagram, did the wrinkles even really happen?)

    By the way, I am UHBSESSED with these champagne coloured mules. They were one of my Singapore scores and I find it hard not to wear them with every single outfit I put on. I'm not very happy with how these photos turn out so I'm looking forward to wearing them again very soon just for them to make another appearance on Affordorable!

      Wearing: H&M robe  |  Zara black jeans  |  Mules from Haji Lane, Singapore  |  Mirrorcle bag/clutch (I seem to like wearing this ringed bag with robes!)