Hi, remember how I like to "steal" Shah's clothes? I'm back it againnn — except I'm stealing my regular favourite again, namely this chambray shirt. Honestly at this point I should just call it my shirt since I cherish it more than he does...

(PS: I don't think he's even worn it since the last time this shirt made an appearance on Affordorable, when I wore it with these fringed loafers, so you see what I mean about how this shirt is basically mine.)

    I'm "recycling" a bunch of things here including the chambray shirt: those flared jeans and the cutout jelly bag (both worn with cat-print pajama top previously) and my lips-print scarf, but this day was the first time I put on these red studded strappy ballet flats. If you've been a loyal reader of Affordorable (btw, THANK YOU), maybe you can recall these exact flats but in black?

    Bringing more looks your way soon xx

    Fun Useless Fact: Red is my favourite colour but also probably the least colour in my closet (this needs fixing, yesss!).

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