Shah's Chambray Shirt & Red Studded Strappy Ballet Flats

Hi, remember how I like to "steal" Shah's clothes? I'm back it againnn — except I'm stealing my regular favourite again, namely this chambray shirt. Honestly at this point I should just call it my shirt since I cherish it more than he does...

(PS: I don't think he's even worn it since the last time this shirt made an appearance on Affordorable, when I wore it with these fringed loafers, so you see what I mean about how this shirt is basically mine.)

    I'm "recycling" a bunch of things here including the chambray shirt: those flared jeans and the cutout jelly bag (both worn with cat-print pajama top previously) and my lips-print scarf, but this day was the first time I put on these red studded strappy ballet flats. If you've been a loyal reader of Affordorable (btw, THANK YOU), maybe you can recall these exact flats but in black?

    Bringing more looks your way soon xx

    Fun Useless Fact: Red is my favourite colour but also probably the least colour in my closet (this needs fixing, yesss!).

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    1. Ha ha, perhaps he will recognize it now! I love denim on denim!

      1. I am happy to report he barely batted an eyelid when I announced "this shirt is mine now" hahaha!

    2. Cuteness!! Those red sparkly flats ,the lippy scarf and black bag are accessories that make the chambray and denim sing!! They absolutely elevate the look! Love, Jude

      1. The look would've been so basic if it weren't for those red flats, wouldn't it! Thank you, Judy <3

    3. Amazing Look!
      Can i know, what pieces do you invest in and why?

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