Lately my looks have been very much pared down to super casual. I mean, 'super casual' is my go-to style, but I kind of miss being a little extra when it comes to dressing up, you know?

It seems like my style "heyday" happened whenever I traveled overseas; I remember being completely inspired by the street style of Tokyo and incorporating whatever new tip or trick I spotted into my own personal style, and how much fun it was to experiment.

I'm not going to abandon my "Canadian tuxedo" outfits and sneakers, but there's something about taking small steps to make an outfit feel fresh and just that little bit special once in a while. I figured the best ways to do it — while still maintaining my own personal style — are to add on "extra" pieces to things that I usually wear casually, and/or substitute the regular accessories that I'm used to putting on for something unexpected.

    Take this outfit as an example:
    I always wear this black maxi skirt but it usually goes under a casual oversized sweater or a t-shirt + denim jacket. And then there's this kitschy shapeless grey duster coat, which has always been a bit tricky to style. They actually look pretty good together on their own but adding an edgy waist belt really transforms both pieces for me!

    I would be really tempted to finish with sneakers (can't help it I LOVE MY SNEAKERS OK) but the goal was to substitute and be different this time around, so I went with these red mules with glass blocked heels that I should definitely wear more often (and would have if they were really made for walking).

    As for those earrings? Ever since I discovered I love wearing earrings with my hijab, I've been sticking with mostly hoops so I'm happy to discover crazier statement earrings could definitely work for me too!
    (It makes such a statement though, so I'd probably save such fancy earrings for fancier events — or for a photoshoot, that obvs works as well...)

      And of course, red lipstick is a great way to elevate ANY outfit.

      See: How I matched this duster coat with my usual sneakers and culottes, and the last time I wore the maxi skirt with a mesh top

      Not my usual kind of outfit, but it succeeded in making my OOTD feel fresh and new, plus it feels great to be riding on a new wave of inspiration! ❤

      What do you think of this "a litte extra" outfit compared to my super casual outfits?

      Wearing: Duster from Shibuya 109  |  Uniqlo maxi skirt  |  Mango heeles mules  |  H&M belt