Two-Tone Oversized Denim Jacket & Polka Dots Wide Culottes

Last weekend I went to a local "interactive" arts and lights installation exhibition with my family, and I've got to admit that one of the main reasons for my going was for the (quite Instagrammable) photo ops! But seriously, in all honesty, cool events like this rarely happen in my hood so it was a great way to spice up what would have otherwise been a regular non-exciting weekend.

I wanted to wear something really casual and fun so I whipped out my wide-legged — REAL wide-legged — polka dot culottes that I haven't worn in like forevahhh (last wore them in Tokyo, probably, when I didn't even know what to call them).

I matched them with this two-toned oversized denim jacket which, OK, at first sight really does look like most of the existing denim jackets in my closet (I may like denim jackets a bit too much). With this particular one though there's a chance that when I turn, you could be like WOAH is this the same jacket Liyana??
I especially like the detailing where the black side starts halfway along the sleeves!

    I wrongly assumed the exhibition would take place mostly indoors but it was about 50-50 indoors-outdoors, and in case you need a reminder, where I live is hot and humid so THANK GOODNESS this jacket wasn't heavy-duty or anything.

    The breeze from wearing culottes definitely worked in my favour too so extra points for the wide legged pants ✌

    Also I'd like to think I scored extra points for my Alice In Wonderland socks too because HOW ADORABLE ARE THEY guys.

    •     •     •     •     •     •     •

    I'll be sharing some of the photo I took around the exhibition soon so keep your eyes peeled for that one!

    Wearing: Monki two-tone denim jacket  |  Adidas "Tokyo" t-shirt (which I really like to wear with denim jackets apparently!)  |  Vintage (OK, second-hand is  more like it) polka dot culottes from Kinji Used Clothing, Tokyo  |  Typo 'Alice In Wonderland' long socks  |  Mango oxford shoes (last seen with my green bomber jacket)


    1. Fantastic culottes and shoes! And those socks are amazing!

      1. Thank youuu Nancy!!! <3 Glad you love 'em all!

    2. Oh Liyana!! It's definitely NOT just the socks that are adorable! YOU are adorable from the top of your hijabi head to the bottom of you patent leather brogues!!! Those polka dot culottes and all of the bright blue you've scattered about are just brilliant! The denim jacket feels like an anchoring piece. This is such a great look!!!
      As far as having too many denim jackets goes... well, let's just say I'm WAY over the limit too. Let's start a tribe. :-):-):-) Love, Jude

      1. Oh Judy you are just the sweetest. I am always genuinely happy to get your approval on my outfits. I'm glad you like this one too, because I feel like it's quite a playful one and I haven't done a "quirky" one like it in a while. I was on the fence about the polka dot culottes but I just really wanted to stay away from denim jeans on this day and judging from your comment obviously it paid off! =D


    3. So love this, but I said that every single time when I came to gawk at your outfit post. I don't know why but you have an effortless quirky edgy thing going on that makes me super inspired. I just adore how you casually make this loose-on-loose outfit tonal with the blue hues and your happy socks! :) x

      1. Thank youuu Shanaz! I can't believe you said this inspired you, that's such an amazing compliment, it makes me really happy. If you ever come across an outfit on my blog that you feel could use a tweak PLEASE LET ME KNOWWW. I tend to repeat the outfits I've put up here for regular non-photoshoot days but I'd love to improve on it if I could. <3

    4. How cute are those socks that are peeking out!


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