My love for H&M Makeup

I dedicated a whole post on H&M's eyebrow products a couple of months ago but I've got to share with you guys, I love ALL of the makeup products I bought from H&M when I was in Italy. I know, I know, I am SO incredibly late to this party, but is it my fault my country doesn't stock this exact party?

This post brings back memories of two years ago when I lusted badly after the H&M makeup must-haves on Kate La Vie. Two whole years is a long time guys so at the end of the day, I do realise that as much as it's a letdown that the local H&M doesn't carry the makeup range, how lucky am I to even get my hands on some of them?

My New Favourite Products

You know I love their brow stuff but another standout for me was the Velvet Lip Cream; the shade I bought is Screen Siren (which coincidentally is the same shade Kate talked about in her post, I just realised!) which is such beautiful deep red. The texture is amazing and non-drying; I've tried a couple of liquid lipsticks in the past which I was not a fan of that put me off liquid lipsticks, but now I itch to get my hands on more of Velvet Lip Cream!

Another liquid lipstick I got was the Lush Lip Vinyl in Plum Fairy, which is an incredible plumy purple shade. It appears to have glitter in the tube but on my lips it becomes glossy and yes vinyl-like.

It does dry a little weird on my lips though (which is noticeable in the photo below, so cringeyyy) but even so I would loveee to get other Lush Lip Vinyl colours!
    And ugh guys I am UHBSESSED with their matte lipsticks, which says something as I've always preferred moisturising lip products but H&M ones are so good to my lips; I have shades Route 66 which is a real MLBB shade for me and Victoriana, a pale nude-y purple colour.

    I don't find the staying power all that impressive but the blusher in Pink Coral is nonetheless super pretty on. The single eyeshadow is a winner in my book though! I have the shade Fig Figment and I love to use it an all-over wash of colour on my lids; the sheen creates depth, which gives the impression that I put in more effort (and more colour) than just the single one!

      I am a genuine fan of the affordable H&M makeup product so I'm really hoping to expand my H&M makeup collection in the near future.

      Have you tried any of the H&M makeup products? If you have, which did you like and would recommend to me?