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It's crazy to think about how long it has been since I last wore this blazer — much, much too long, considering the fact that blazers are generally super versatile and this one happens to be in my favourite colour evah. I bought this blazer from the Pull & Bear branch in the Le Quatre Temps mall in Paris so it's at least five years old, guysss.

PS: I have the same blazer in teal green, too.

Amazingly it really does look the same like when I first bought it. I've got to admit, it feels good to know that I bought something classic that's also enduring in my wilder (wild-ER, let' stress on the "er" part!), more reckless shopping years, unlike the many second-rate out-of-date things that were purchased in that period.

I mean, it's admittedly still high-street quality (my mom can't stand the flimsy folds at the front, perhaps they should be sewn down somehow?) but regardless of that I do think it's a useful piece to have in my closet for mixing and matching.

    I paired the blazer with this ripped jeans, which were originally REALLY ripped; it was pretty much a gaping hole on the right knee — so not suitable for a hijabi! Instead of patching up the rip with the usual plain white / light material, I decided to spice up the insects-embroidered jeans (they're dragonfly and bee and some other bugs) even more by covering the rip with a piece of plaid cloth.

    Well, at least I asked my tailor to do it (not a DIY person, sorreeee) but it took me a while to persuade her to cut up Shah's shirt. (PS: Yes it's a part of Shah's old worn-out plaid shirt!)

    I would love to get my hands on a better-quality red blazer — ideally something like the cut of this long navy blazer I love so much — but until I find that I'm happy to stick with this red number!

    Wearing: Pull & Bear blazer   |  Adidas t-shirt  |  Zara embroidered ripped jeans  |  Converse sneakers  |  Backpack from Myeongdong, Seoul


    1. This outfit is a "BIG ol bunch of fun" my dear Liyana! The way you decided to style the blazer fits perfectly with it's less than perfect cut. The jeans are so cute and I love the way the patch works for your hijabi sensibility and the red of the blazer!
      My favorite aspect of this outfit are those darling sneakers!! I've loved the look of this style sneaker since I was in my 20's! My first pair were bright red. Over 40 years I've had a lot of fun versions of this style. I currently have at least 10 pairs! :-) I particularly love the multi colored eyelets on this pair you're wearing. You look darling my friend!! Love, Jude

      1. Yes, spot on as always Judy; the imperfect cut calls for ripped jeans alright! I actually have a similar blazer in green (I just remembered, I think I'll link it in the post), but that cut is way better than this red one for some reason. Well, that's mass-produced high-street fashion for you I guess.

        There was a Converse sale going on over the weekend near where I live, but I went on the very last day so all the good ones were sold out! The prices were good too. Am I remembering this correctly: you told me you're not a fan of Converse per say, but you have loads of similar sneakers right? 1O pairs!!! Was hoping to find something as kitschy as the multicoloured eyelet Converse like I have on here, but oh well.


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