It's crazy to think about how long it has been since I last wore this blazer — much, much too long, considering the fact that blazers are generally super versatile and this one happens to be in my favourite colour evah. I bought this blazer from the Pull & Bear branch in the Le Quatre Temps mall in Paris so it's at least five years old, guysss.

PS: I have the same blazer in teal green, too.

Amazingly it really does look the same like when I first bought it. I've got to admit, it feels good to know that I bought something classic that's also enduring in my wilder (wild-ER, let' stress on the "er" part!), more reckless shopping years, unlike the many second-rate out-of-date things that were purchased in that period.

I mean, it's admittedly still high-street quality (my mom can't stand the flimsy folds at the front, perhaps they should be sewn down somehow?) but regardless of that I do think it's a useful piece to have in my closet for mixing and matching.

    I paired the blazer with this ripped jeans, which were originally REALLY ripped; it was pretty much a gaping hole on the right knee — so not suitable for a hijabi! Instead of patching up the rip with the usual plain white / light material, I decided to spice up the insects-embroidered jeans (they're dragonfly and bee and some other bugs) even more by covering the rip with a piece of plaid cloth.

    Well, at least I asked my tailor to do it (not a DIY person, sorreeee) but it took me a while to persuade her to cut up Shah's shirt. (PS: Yes it's a part of Shah's old worn-out plaid shirt!)

    I would love to get my hands on a better-quality red blazer — ideally something like the cut of this long navy blazer I love so much — but until I find that I'm happy to stick with this red number!

    Wearing: Pull & Bear blazer   |  Adidas t-shirt  |  Zara embroidered ripped jeans  |  Converse sneakers  |  Backpack from Myeongdong, Seoul