Off-the-shoulder Red Denim Jacket & Black-and-White Zig Zag Dress

I'm continuing the digging of my own "closet archive" with this black and white zig zag dress, which already made an appearance on Affordorable with a different ON-the-shoulder blue denim jacket last year.

As for this overall look, I was very much inspired to do an off-the-shoulder denim jacket look especially after seeing this street-style photo on Pinterest. A word to the wise: this off-the-shoulder trend is not the most practical in the world. Can't tell you guys how many times I have to adjust my jacket for these photos...

      In fact, I'd advise anyone who want to wear this look out — like seriously out and about — to strategically pin the jacket to the top part of whatever you wear underneath.

      PS: I pinned away for this other off-the-shoulder lookAhhh, the lenghts people go for fashunnn, eh?
      Do you guys like this off-the-shoulder denim jacket trend or do you prefer the casually-thrown ON-the-shoulder one?

      Wearing: Mango red denim jacket  |  Zig zag dress from Berjaya Times Square  |  Aldo monk shoes  |  Socks from Shibuya, Japan


      1. This dress is so fabulous that I think you could wear it with a tablecloth draped casually over your shoulders and look very cool.:-)
        Sorry Liyana the dropping off the shoulder look seems just too contrived and as you said REALLY difficult to keep at that "cool drape" perfection so I have to give this a thumbs down. I DO think you did it well and the red denim is terrific with that gorgeous dress. Please keep that dress forever!!! I wore a similar (but not nearly so unique and fun) dress to a wedding this past summer and received many compliments. Navy and white are just classic, crisp and fresh. You look lively Liyana. Love, Jude

        1. Hahaha I totally get what you mean, Judy. I definitely don't see myself walking around with the shoulders of a jacket hanging loosely off my shoulders, unless there's a photo op! I much prefer draping a jacket over my shoulders like in the other post.

          This dress is pretty dramatic with its zig zags so I don't wear it as often as I'd like, but yes I plan to keep it around for a long longgg time =D

      2. I love the outfit! I love the white and black zigzag pattern and how your paired it with the jacket! I think the thing I love most about this outfit is how comfortable and warm it looks!

        1. Thank you Gigi! Well aside from trying my best to keep the shoulders of the jacket off my shoulders, this outfit IS pretty comfy!


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