Tiered Ruffle Sleeves, Boyfriend Jeans & Cutout Studded Boots

Today's outfit is all about my old favourites, including this sweet little black thayng with tiered ruffle sleeves. I have yet to find something similar, and trust me I have been on a lookout for it; I explained just why statement sleeves are a blessing for hijabis who love fashion and style the first time this top made an appearance on Affordorable.

    I've always loved matching something super feminine with something that has a little boyish quality to it, so these boyfriend jeans seem like the perfect match — by the way, remember when boyfriend jeans were all the rage last year and the year before that?

    I actually think jeans trends just keep on getting better and better (especially all throughout this year!) but I can't help feel for the forgotten "boyfriend". I do love this pair dearly though so I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing these jeans to their death!

    Read: When I first wore these boyfriend jeans with monk shoes back in 2015

      I decided to abandon my earrings today and stacked on my collection of Shanghai bangles instead! I also amped up the "boyfriend" with these super cool cutout studded boots that I first wore with floral embroidered tulle to Venice earlier this year.

      In case anyone is interested to know more about the comfort level of these boots: 9/10 for the first few hours of wear and then it's WAY downhill from there. I didn't tell you guys this, but when I got back from Venice (where Shah and I walked the whole freakin day) to Milan my feet were horribly blistered in the the oddest places; I couldn't wear sneakers for two days after that, but thankfully I brought a pair of mules with me on that trip!

          On a different note: Why is it that every single year, without fail, I would be incredibly surprised that it's already 20-something December and suddenly intensely realise that a new year is upon us? Every damn single year, guys — but I suppose this happens to you too, right?

          Also, it's sale season so usually by now I would've been on one or two "successful" shopping excursions, but for some reason the things that I see so far don't quite appeal to me. Is it possible...? Am I really taking my resolution to make more conscious shopping decisions seriously? I can hardly believe it myself!

          Well, either that, or the things that I see are just not cute, who knows. I heard Zara's sale just started yesterday so I think that'll be the real test for me — will update you guys when I have the time to check out the sale.

          •     •     •     •     •     •     •

          Hope you guys like this outfit, and Happy Merry Holidays to all of you! Stay safe, always ❤❤❤

          Wearing: Top from Berjaya Times Square  |  Bershka boyfriend jeans  | H&M cutout studded boots


          1. Came here to say Hi, I love those ruffles! And yeah, can't believe this year will end, too soon..

            1. Hi Eria! I'm glad someone else loves the ruffles too =D Thank you for your comment <3

          2. You are the "lady with the blues" in this post Liyana and I too love a feminine blouse like this pretty ruffled one mixed with something that os more rugged or masculine like the boyfriend jean.
            Yup, the many holidays celebrated during these last months of the year sort of mask the reality that we're soon into some whole new digits. Is the New Year celebration big and colorful in Malaysia? What will you and Shah do to ring in 2018? Love to you both, Jude

            1. Great minds think alike (and have similar good taste).

              New Year celebration is pretty big in Malaysia too but both Shah and I are REALLY not into big crowds. I've always preferred ringing in a new year at home or with my siblings, especially when a game night is involved!


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