Today's outfit is all about my old favourites, including this sweet little black thayng with tiered ruffle sleeves. I have yet to find something similar, and trust me I have been on a lookout for it; I explained just why statement sleeves are a blessing for hijabis who love fashion and style the first time this top made an appearance on Affordorable.

    I've always loved matching something super feminine with something that has a little boyish quality to it, so these boyfriend jeans seem like the perfect match — by the way, remember when boyfriend jeans were all the rage last year and the year before that?

    I actually think jeans trends just keep on getting better and better (especially all throughout this year!) but I can't help feel for the forgotten "boyfriend". I do love this pair dearly though so I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing these jeans to their death!

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      I decided to abandon my earrings today and stacked on my collection of Shanghai bangles instead! I also amped up the "boyfriend" with these super cool cutout studded boots that I first wore with floral embroidered tulle to Venice earlier this year.

      In case anyone is interested to know more about the comfort level of these boots: 9/10 for the first few hours of wear and then it's WAY downhill from there. I didn't tell you guys this, but when I got back from Venice (where Shah and I walked the whole freakin day) to Milan my feet were horribly blistered in the the oddest places; I couldn't wear sneakers for two days after that, but thankfully I brought a pair of mules with me on that trip!

          On a different note: Why is it that every single year, without fail, I would be incredibly surprised that it's already 20-something December and suddenly intensely realise that a new year is upon us? Every damn single year, guys — but I suppose this happens to you too, right?

          Also, it's sale season so usually by now I would've been on one or two "successful" shopping excursions, but for some reason the things that I see so far don't quite appeal to me. Is it possible...? Am I really taking my resolution to make more conscious shopping decisions seriously? I can hardly believe it myself!

          Well, either that, or the things that I see are just not cute, who knows. I heard Zara's sale just started yesterday so I think that'll be the real test for me — will update you guys when I have the time to check out the sale.

          •     •     •     •     •     •     •

          Hope you guys like this outfit, and Happy Merry Holidays to all of you! Stay safe, always ❤❤❤

          Wearing: Top from Berjaya Times Square  |  Bershka boyfriend jeans  | H&M cutout studded boots