Happy New Year guysssssss!

I hope you all had the best holiday! To those who celebrated Christmas, I hope yours was a very merry one.

My family and I got to spend the Christmas break together in Penang where we celebrated my nephew's 7th birthday as well. First of all though: I honestly didn't mean to take this long of a break on Affordorable! I brought my laptop all the way to Shah's hometown with every intention to get a post out before my family vacation but then I got distracted from hanging out with his family there.

Just going with the flow here, guys!

Shah and I arrived in Penang on 25 December itself where we met up with the rest of my family. We just wanted to enjoy a slow-paced vacation together as it felt like ages since our last family vacation. I wish I had taken more pics during the vacation but I only have my outfit photos to share with you guys, sorry about that!

This outfit included this tank top/shirt hybrid I picked up in Seoul and my fave asymmetrical jeans. Really not my best outfit but I really want to highlight these SUPER COMFY spider print mules I got from Zara's current sale. I really do have an affinity for mules but these are by far the best ones to walk in. #thesemulesaremeantforwalking

PS: Don't you just love how the bedroom slippers old people wear with robes are now the "in" thing?

I couldn't resist getting this saffiano leather bag from Mango's sale as well; it's real leather and the quality feels really good. The fact that it's super roomy made lugging my stuff around so easy, too.

May 2018 brings all of us happiness, good health, good wealth, contentment, and loads and LOADS of good vibez! Thank you to those who have been keeping up with Affordorable in the past years and plan to continue do so this year. If you're a new reader, HELLO! I hope you like what you see and plan to stick around!
Hugs and kisses, I LOVE YOU ALLLL xoxo

Wearing: Tank top/shirt top from Seoul  |  H&M jeans  |  Zara spider mules  |  Mango red saffiano leather bag