#2017BestNine of @theliyanaaris

Goodness, apparently I uploaded 348 photos on Instagram last year?? That's almost once a day.

Here are nine of my most liked photos from 2017 — in which I discovered my followers liked to see my face in a photo 7 out of 9 times, so I take it as a good sign!

Every single of them were actually from my style blog posts in Affordorable, taken using my Samsung camera and not my iPhone but they just convinced me that I should continue sharing my blog images on Instagram as well!

Read: Outfit posts in pic 1 to 3 are from Oh Mickey & Minnie + Being A Minor Faux Celeb In ChinaWhat I'd Probably Wear If I Work At An Office, and Denim Jacket, Adidas Floral Tee & Layering Pants With Skirt

Instagram is my favourite social media platform and the one I'm most active on — I find joy in sharing photos after all! — so if you haven't already done so, go on, give @theliyanaaris a follow <3

PS: I love following back enviously pretty Instagram feeds, especially the fashion-inspired ones!


  1. Love to follow your blog but have no plans to add Instagram at this point in time. Love , Jude

    1. Instagram is not everyone's cup of tea so I absolutely understand Judy!

      In any case I like to put my Instagram feed on my blog for my non-Instagram followers =)


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