I had been looking for a good tiered skirt for a few months now but for some reason H&M was not one of the stores I went into in my search for it, so, well well well whaddayaknow? This skirt also has a cutesy matching flowy tank top which I almost bought as well but decided at the last minute that it would be too hard to work into my modest hijabi style.

      It was a full day out for my family's Penang holiday and I wanted to make sure my OOTD would be just as comfortable as first day's spider mules and jeans look but I want it to be even airier (Penang is slightly hotter than the state I'm originally from!), so of course a pretty, non-restrictive skirt (or a breezy dress) is a great option.

      I "edged" up the girlie skirt with one of my favourite statement sweaters (a very thin one fyi) that I first wore in Kyoto in 2015, an Adidas drawstring backpack, and a pair of Adidas Stan Smith — even though I would've preferred to go with plain loafers or any non-sneaker option, Stan Smiths are just so darn comfy and perfect for travelling as they go with practically everything!

        By the way, speaking of Stan Smith, yes I did very much purposely mismatch my pink-trimmed and red-trimmed sneakers — been wanting to do that for a while now!

        •     •     •     •     •     •     •

        Hope you like this outfit! What would you match this tiered skirt with though?

        Wearing: Zara statement sweater  |  H&M spotted tiered skirt  |  Adidas Stan Smith  |  Adidas drawstring backpack  (also worn with a maxi skirt here) |  Aldo shades

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