Statement Sweater & Spotted Tiered Skirt | Another Holiday Look

I had been looking for a good tiered skirt for a few months now but for some reason H&M was not one of the stores I went into in my search for it, so, well well well whaddayaknow? This skirt also has a cutesy matching flowy tank top which I almost bought as well but decided at the last minute that it would be too hard to work into my modest hijabi style.

      It was a full day out for my family's Penang holiday and I wanted to make sure my OOTD would be just as comfortable as first day's spider mules and jeans look but I want it to be even airier (Penang is slightly hotter than the state I'm originally from!), so of course a pretty, non-restrictive skirt (or a breezy dress) is a great option.

      I "edged" up the girlie skirt with one of my favourite statement sweaters (a very thin one fyi) that I first wore in Kyoto in 2015, an Adidas drawstring backpack, and a pair of Adidas Stan Smith — even though I would've preferred to go with plain loafers or any non-sneaker option, Stan Smiths are just so darn comfy and perfect for travelling as they go with practically everything!

        By the way, speaking of Stan Smith, yes I did very much purposely mismatch my pink-trimmed and red-trimmed sneakers — been wanting to do that for a while now!

        •     •     •     •     •     •     •

        Hope you like this outfit! What would you match this tiered skirt with though?

        Wearing: Zara statement sweater  |  H&M spotted tiered skirt  |  Adidas Stan Smith  |  Adidas drawstring backpack  (also worn with a maxi skirt here) |  Aldo shades

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        1. You've created such an unexpectedly cool look with this pretty, feminine, ruffly sweet skirt. Actually I've seen you do this "twist" before (pairing funky with feminine) and I'm thinking it's part of your signature look Liyana. Not only is it edgy and fun but I think it also expresses humor in a perfect and appealing way. I love this look. The lip hijab is charming and the graphic t-shirt says a mouthful eh??:-):-) Love, Jude

          1. I do like the idea that that is a part of my signature look! It's also the combination that I look for in street-style photos, and also why my favourite bloggers are my favourite!

            I'm so glad you like the look and think it's cool! I think less chunky shoes might have been better (what do you think?) but it's always troublesome to carry anything other than sneakers when I'm travelling.

          2. I love the freedom you have to dress this skirt up or down. It would be cute with Doc Martens or slinky pumps. Great flexibility! Jude

        2. Liyana, I would have never thought to pair all of these items together into an outfit. However, you do it effortlessly and I can't help but be a tad bit jealous! LOL! Anyway, that skirt is to die for. I love the length and the way that the skirt is cut. It's such a trendy item to have right now.

          1. I kind of went with the flow and was so happy it all turned out good. I keep telling myself to try outfits out before carrying them on a vacation (especially for photo purposes) but I still don't do it! I'm racking my brain trying to decide what next to match with this skirt though!


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