More of #ThatHotelLife For Me

2017 was basically the "year of traveling" for Shah and I; we got the opportunity to visit cities in countries we've never been to for his work and experience these places unlike others have — I mean, what about that one-month stint in Shanghai, right? (One month!!!)

I don't know about future overseas assignment for Shah but one thing is already certain: Shah and I will spend a good portion of 2018 in another state in Malaysia for this project he's involved in, which means more of #thathotellife for me — only this time we would be assigned to a long-term hotel room, so that should hopefully make the transition a little easier on us!

I have stayed in some sweet hotels throughout my traveling but since nothing beats an actual homey home, I fully plan to transform our hotel room into our second home by individualising it. I'm not looking into making colossal changes (plus I doubt anything too drastic would be allowed) but instead will be concentrating on adding a few personal touches here and there.

I've been enjoying browsing through LionsHome UK, a home and living website to get some inspirations; I already have some ideas about which practical yet transformative items that can personalise our hotel room to lessen the inevitable homesickness.

Easy Decor Options

Vanity Mirror
One thing that always annoys me when I stay at hotels: the lack of well-lit mirrors! I always end up applying my makeup in front of a window using my tiny handheld mirror, and I don't always get to see my outfit in full head-to-toe view either. (Not ideal for a style blogger, nope.)

I'd love to get like a Hollywood-style mirror with the lightbulbs around the side but perhaps a 2-in-1 portable full-length mirror would be a better option for a temporary home.

Throw Pillows / Cushions

Throwing a bunch of bright cushions into the mix is probably the best idea to customise any space. I LOVE throw pillows; as you can see in my pic, I even showcase that love through my "LO" and "VE" throw pillows, whose covers were purchased in Tokyo! I also brought back a couple of quirky zebra and leopard print Playboy bunny-shaped cushions from my university years in Christchurch, New Zealand. (Perhaps you've seen my tasseled hot pink Playboy Bunny cushion that matches the bright pink carpet in my home's living area? I went through a Playboy Bunny merc phase back then!)

The "LO" and "VE" cushions will be in our hotel room only temporarily so I'm really excited to hunt for a couple of new throw pillows to match the decor of the assigned hotel room!

Carpet / Rug
It isn't unusual for a hotel room in Malaysia to not be carpeted, especially hotel resorts that are near beaches (by the way, yes, I will be living near a beach, although sadly it won't be safe to swim in the water!). I generally don't mind bare flooring since it is hot and humid here but since I like to keep my feet extra warm and cosy, I would ideally like some parts to be carpeted, which was the exact way I did my own house.

I think a beautiful statement-making carpet is the best way to give a living space personality. I'm really into some of the black-and-white striped carpets available on LionsHome but at the same time I also gravitate towards the brighter teal blue or red. Whatever I pick will have to match (or at least beautifully contrast!) the already-existing decor in my hotel room (which includes a bright orange armchair), but I can already imagine a beautiful carpet or rug doing wonders for the space!

Seriously though, there is so much work to be done in the space before I can proudly call it my second home. I can't wait to get started on the planning and the shopping — wish me luck guys!

If you have any home decor tips that I can apply to my little hotel room, please do share in the comment section down below, it would be MUCH appreciated xoxo

*Huge thanks to LionsHome UK for sponsoring this home decor post