My 2017 Photoshoot Bloopers

Overall, I'm pretty happy with my collection of 2017 outfits! I would have loved to have done a roundup of my favourites, like I did back in 2016 (and also, let's face it, like what most bloggers do every end of a year cuz it's fun and all) but I got distracted with my year-end's plans, oopsie, sorry about that guysss.

Question: Is it too late to do a roundup though? I actually really want to do one, but what do you think?

For now I really, really want to share some bloopers from the many outfit shoots I did last year — you know, in case anyone thinks it's all rainbows and butterflies around here! Obviously none of the shoots I ever did went without a hitch; I usually take about 200 photos for every shoot (Shah always just snaps away) and end up picking only the best 7-13 out of them all, so of COURSE there would be an inevitable bunch of failed shots in every set.

Here are the things that are prone to happening mid-shoot that leads to a whole collection of bloopers, with photographic proofs to accompany:

Talking While Posing

Always commenting on something I see or giving Shah "helpful" photography pointers.

Eyes Closed / Half-closed
Probably the one that caused the most bloopers! Not entirely my fault, my contact lens get SO DRY sometimes!
Also, I do blink like a normal human being, you know.

    Looking Too Intense / "Blue-steeling"

    Most of the times a smile is really one of the best accessories to wear — "Beauty is power; a smile is its sword."

    People Photobombing

    The price you pay when you're "shooting" in public places.

    Wardrobe Malfunction
    Scarves flying about, clothes bunching up, things not being centered, etc. etc.

    Various facial reactions
    I'm generally an expressive person, which doesn't help when I'm taking photos right next to a busy street or when Shah says the darndest things while he's clicking the camera away.

      Awkward Poses
      It's all part of the learning process, people!

      Snaps Between Poses

          Can't be camera-ready every single snap, guys!

          Honestly there's plenty more where these came from but I'd need more than one post to cram them all in... Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this post! Here's to many more fun outfits to shoot in 2018 — and to many more bloopers coming your way ❤


          1. I actually like quite a few of these Liyana. They reveal parts of your personality! Fun post! Love, Jude

          2. Some of these are really cute! And the last one is super hot babe!

            1. Awww thank you baby! Is the last one really hot though omg.


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