Wanderlusting & Seeking Travel Deals

View from our gondola | Venice, Italy, August 2017

If you had told me back in my university years that I would be travelling around the world as much as I have been for the past few years, I'd not only be in total disbelief but also in complete wonderment. Never in my wildest dreams back then I imagined getting the opportunity to live in Paris for a year, or going back and forth to Tokyo and Seoul, or staying in Shanghai for a whole entire month.

    In the great crowd | Great Wall of China, China, April 2017
    I definitely caught the travel bug since my Euro trips back in 2012 and wanderlust is the never-ending symptom. I can't explain the fulfilment travelling gives but I totes vibe with this article I recently read that lists all these wonderful travelling benefits. I love discovering something surprising about a culture of a particular city but at the same realising that somehow, no matter how far you travel to, no matter how different the cultural aspects are, the people you meet are essentially of the same being as you are, with similar wants and needs.

    Shah and I travel for his work a lot but while his travel expenses are a 100% sponsored by his company, the cost of my travels is left completely to our own devices. I know most people are in the same boat as I am  and most probably you are a 100% responsible for your own travelling spending too, so it's better we be smart about it by being travel-savvy as much as possible, isn't it?

    This is why ShopBack is one great option for avid travellers  remember me explaining how you can earn money back fashion-wise with them? They can help you get some cash back easily through travelling as well! Not only that, you also get to save money with them; check out these AirAsiaGo coupons for flight deals and Hotels.com coupons for the best place to stay at your destination.

    View from top of Seoul Sky in Lotte World Tower | Seoul, South Korea, July 2017

      Gondola ride in a canal | Venice, Italy, August 2017
      So are you planning on going anywhere exciting soon?

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      1. What a gorgeous trip! Looks amazing!


      2. I wish I could say that I am planning a trip to any of the amazing places that you have been so fortunate to visit Liyana. Alas, this will not be the year for that. Having built a new home in a new place we'll be staying close by for awhile.
        Your conclusion about people being vitally the same is a simple but vital truth. How wonderful to have experienced being with and among so many people and cultures! Your life is so rich!! Love, Jude

        1. Well you DO have the loveliest of homes, Judy!

          Shah and I constantly remind each other to say our thanks to God as we do feel incredibly blessed to have experienced as much as we have. His travels could stop at any time depending on his work, so we do try to soak it all in as much as we could for now <3

      3. It's so nice that you travel a lot, Liyana and that you soak in everything like the sponge you are. I love what you said about people everywhere in essence are similar as it is true! Expressions may differ but we are on the same boat of Life. Enjoy your travels and please share when you can ;) x

        1. Life has taken me on many surprising paths indeed! I'm always in disbelief of the opportunities that come my way and try to remember to be grateful. Thank you for letting me share with you my journeys and experiences hunny! <3


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