Instagram Outfit: No Makeup & All Bundled Up in Seoul

With its subzero winter temperatures, it was a relief to pop into metro stations or anywhere indoors in Seoul! These shots were taken quickly as Shah and I were waiting to take a train to Dongdaemun to get a hot meal of grilled fish, rice with kimchi and spicy squid  our favourite in Seoul.

Also, a good tip I learned from my dad, who has spent many winters in cold Canada: cover the nose and mouth for extra warmth! The striped scarf was bought by Shah but safe to say it belongs to me now (I mean, I guess I could share...).

The scarf looks deceivingly flimsy but the warmth it provides is top-notch, but I can't say the same for the striped Heattech socks I wore here, now those really are proper flimsy so thank God for Heattech leggings and heat pads!

    Wearing: Travel For All travel jacket  |  Libby Rose denim jacket  |  Bershka jeans (the one worn in my looking mildly cool post)  |  Uniqlo scarf & socks  |  Uniqlo Ultra War Heattech top & leggings  |  Adidas Superstar sneakers  |  Rocawear sling bag


    1. Hello beauty, you look super duper cute here covering your nose and mouth! I really admire how you really made sure you're all properly bundled up for the killer chill there. How did you keep your skin hydrated in the harsh cold weather? I was just wondering...and did you go nuts visiting the beauty stores there? Love that pop of stripes from your socks ;) xoxo

      1. Thank youuu! Bundling up was totallyyy necessary.

        Plenty of people think I go crazy buying beauty and makeup products there (a totally fair assumption to make) but I actually don't! A majority of my skincare routine involves Korean products but I buy them in Malaysia since the prices are about the same here - sometimes even CHEAPER especially if you buy online. Beats me why. But then again it is DEFINITELY dangerous to walk into any beauty store there (especially the cutesy ones) and spend all of your money, as they do stock things Malaysia doesn't carry. I just make an effort not to go into those shops I guess.

        I use a lot of Laneige products and since I knew my crazy combination skin would get even drier there, I brought along this Laneige oil that I mix with my regular moisturiser - works like a charm!

    2. I'll bet your glasses steamed up from your breathe waftinf up from under your scarf too! I hate when that happens!! Do you know about walking backwards against the wind?? It works well to prevent your face from freezing off!
      You look so cute here Liyana! Kind of like a little kid...
      Thank you for sharing these frigid moments! So novel considering your usual much warmer day to day!! Love, Jude

      1. OMG YESSS the steam from my breath got pretty annoying at times! This is why I prefer to wear contacts sometimes - but then I also hate the feeling of my contacts drying up especially with wind blowing into my eyes - which can be solved by wearing shades during the day but how about at night?? - so there's just no winning sometimes.

        Walking backwards? How funny but I can see why that would work! I'm worried enough about bumping into people walking straight-on though so it's probably not the most practical solution for me.

        I chuckled delightedly when you said "kind of like a little kid"! And you're right, I really do, but I kind of like it too somehow!

    3. Thank god you are keeping warm, Liyana! It's under 50 here down in Texas and I'm freezing! I don't think I would be able to handle snowy weather.

      1. Is that the coldest Texas can get? If there is strong wind I can see why that would make the cold feel worse.

        I thought I couldn't handle subzero snowy weather too but I proved myself wrong, hahaha! If I could do it (and I whine A LOT about cold weathers) then anybody could!


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