With its subzero winter temperatures, it was a relief to pop into metro stations or anywhere indoors in Seoul! These shots were taken quickly as Shah and I were waiting to take a train to Dongdaemun to get a hot meal of grilled fish, rice with kimchi and spicy squid  our favourite in Seoul.

Also, a good tip I learned from my dad, who has spent many winters in cold Canada: cover the nose and mouth for extra warmth! The striped scarf was bought by Shah but safe to say it belongs to me now (I mean, I guess I could share...).

The scarf looks deceivingly flimsy but the warmth it provides is top-notch, but I can't say the same for the striped Heattech socks I wore here, now those really are proper flimsy so thank God for Heattech leggings and heat pads!

    Wearing: Travel For All travel jacket  |  Libby Rose denim jacket  |  Bershka jeans (the one worn in my looking mildly cool post)  |  Uniqlo scarf & socks  |  Uniqlo Ultra War Heattech top & leggings  |  Adidas Superstar sneakers  |  Rocawear sling bag