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The Return of the Varsity Coat & Cat-Ears Beanie: Snow Day In Seoul

One of the many things that got me  the person living in a tropical country  excited about going to Seoul and experiencing its winter: I get to whip out my all-time favourite winter coat againnn, namely this oversized tan/camel varsity coat!

Plus omg guys IT SNOWED WHEN I WAS IN SEOUL ahhhhhhh!!! This was I think only my third time ever witnessing snow falling, so I was understandably excited.

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      I also have a soft spot for both the thick cosy leopard-print cardigan underneath my coat (which I wore a lot in China) and my cat-ears beanie; they're two things in my closet that I truly adore but don't get the chance to wear in Malaysia.

      So, remember what I said about how wearing a hijab is not a guarantee that it'll protect your head and neck from the cold in my previous Nami Island outfit post? I actually taught myself that lesson on this very day: I was in such a hurry to leave the hotel room to shoot in the snow that I forget to grab a scarf.

      Needless to say, right after snapping all these photos, I quickly ran upstairs to my room (or more accurately, I willed the elevator to ascend a heck of a lot quicker) to grab a good thick scarf and wrap it twice around my neck before heading off to get a good bowl of piping hot bibimbap for dinner.

        PS: If you have never tried a bowl of steaming hot Korean bibimbap, you should!

        Wearing: Sense of Place varsity coat  |  Bershka leopard cardigan  |  Forever 21 mustard jumper  |  Zara ripped jeans  |  Adidas Superstar x Pharrell Williams  |  H&M cat ears beanie  |  Uniqlo Ultra Warm Heattech top & leggings


        1. Seeing you stylishly bundled up against the snow is delightful! You are clearly enjoying the experience and dressing for it. Seoul snowfall such a novel reality to find my Liyana in that I can't help smiling!
          I love that mustard color sweater; it's a color that is great with good ol medium wash denim. I like it combined with the blush/camel of your coat. I'm so glad that you've layered another fuzzy-fun leopard cardy over the mustard sweater. For someone who spends the bulk of her time in a much warmer climate you're a smart cold weather girl!
          Love, Jude

          1. I enjoyed my winter experience so much more than I anticipated. I've always sort of hated winter but this trip completely changed that, 180 degrees!

            That leopard cardi was absolutely necessary, I must say. I think I learned a lot from my previously experienced winters; I was determined to make this winter trip less horrible than previous ones. To my surprise not only did I not hate the cold; I actually didn't mind walking around in subzero temperatures and wished I could have gone to more places!

            I am very much looking forward to future winter trips now =)

        2. So adorable and chic, Liyana! It must be awesome to finally wear those two things; cardi an beanie in freezing Korea hahah..I love the peek of leopard from under the coat and your cute gloves. I was eyeballing your heattech top and girl, I am loving that brown! Such a cool shade with retro feels. Can you wear that top here in Malaysia or is it meant for cold weather only? :) xoxo

          1. The brown-yellow-mustard top is actually a jumper/sweater from Forever 21 (my thermal Heattech top is underneath it!), and the shade is actually VERY similar to the t-shirt you wore with the batik skirt! But unfortunately it is way too thick to wear in Malaysia, the knit is suuuper thick. I'm still keeping my eyes peeled for a top in that brown mustard-y shade that I could wear here in our hot and humid weather!


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