I tried my best to dress more practically during my recent winter trip by putting comfort before style but nobody says I have to completely disregard the latter, amiright?

When I think "winter", skirts are not the first thing that comes to mind but I like the idea of layering tons of thermal layer under a skirt (as I am wont to do) instead of wearing my usual trusty jeans. But hey, how about placing a see-through skirt on top of your jeans?
(With thermal leggings sneakily hidden underneath those jeans still, of course.)

    Wearing skirt over pants isn't exactly the most groundbreaking style trick but has recently become a tried and tested one — well, not by me, though; I might be used to layering tulle/mesh dresses over regular outfits to spice them up (like this romantic black tulle and peach mesh dresses) but never with skirts. Only because I haven't found a tulle skirt meant for me until I met this little red thayng in one of the H&Ms in Myeongdong in Seoul earlier this month.

      This was taken the night after Snow Day so all the snow on the ground was mushed up and a little less white, but thankfully the temperature had risen up just a tiny little bit to allow me to wear my favourite (and generally less toasty warm) checkered houndstooth coat.

      PS: The very same coat layered under the puffer jacket at Nami Island!

      Just imagine this outfit without the red skirt...now that would have been a much less interesting outfit, wouldn't it?

      Wearing: Zara houndstooth coat  |  Edwin sweater (men's)  |  Bershka jeans  |  H&M red tulle skirt  |  Uniqlo Heattech thermal wear  |  Bershka beanie  |  Pull & Bear socks  |  Adidas Superstar x Pharrell sneakers  |  Backpack from Myeongdong market