YESSSSSSS and can you tell that I'm excited by the capitalisation of my "yes" plus the multiple S's?

I was actually just here last year in July/August during the summer when it was really hot, but since it is currently winter now I am experiencing the city in quite a different way. I have all my winter essentials with me but this time I have a new addition: heat packs stored in pockets to warm my hands which are SO cool and handy.

I mean, they're literally very warm, yes, but they're also (metaphorically?) really cool.
(You know what I mean.)

The coolest (and accurate size-wise) chocolate pumps

Another thing to make this trip (kind of but perhaps not really) more interesting than the last: Milan Fashion Week, which ended today. Obviously I'm not the kind of blogger who goes to fashion weeks but it's still exciting to be near one, especially when I accidentally caught Dolce & Gabbana's last and very public show (!) at the La Rinascente store near Duomo di Milano yesterday.

It is common knowledge that Italy = AMAZING gastronomy, but I am appreciating that even more on this trip; I think I may have tasted THE best hot chocolate (with a mountain of whipped cream) ever and also ate the most delicious salad I ever had in my entire life. Amazingly, they both come from the very same restaurant!
PS: Panini De Santis in La Rinascente!

I suppose the downside is they happen to be in Milan and not where I permanently live, but let's concentrate on the positive notes, shall we?

    Lil' elevator selfie

    Talk to you guys soon! In the meantime, how about checking out my Italy outfits from last year's trip?