My Cosy But Static Ines de la Fressange Uniqlo Scarf + The Day The Camera Blacked Out

I almost didn't share this outfit here on my blog but changed my mind because turns out I managed to get exactly four (somewhat) decent photos of it. But let me just back it up a little and explain what happened: my camera died on me mid-shoot in Seoul.
PS: The second time it happened, actually.

For every outfit I shoot, I  always have about a hundred photos or more to choose from and can get 30 good ones out of them (less than 30% really, I'm hardly the best "model"!) so I was like a duck out of water this time. But four OK photos are not so bad, eh?

    Besides, I really want to share with you this cosy blanket of a scarf I got right before my trip to Seoul! It's from an older Uniqlo x Ines de la Fressange collection and I thought I was going to get SO MUCH USE out of it  until I got to Seoul and discovered how incredibly staticky it was!

    It's such a beautiful warm scarf so I was disappointed, especially since I'm out of depth when it comes to dealing with static. I am generally a staticky person but never had I dealt with a piece of clothing that legitimately scared me into thinking it could burst into flames at any moment!

    So please, if you have any tip on how to lessen static on clothing, please share with me, as I'd love to wear this scarf again comfortably! All suggestions welcomed ❤

      PS: These photos didn't do my matching top + bottom and bag and boots justice, so hoping to re-wear and re-shoot them!

      Wearing: Sense of Place varsity coat (worn on Snowy Day)  |  Zara top & pants  |  Topshop boots  |  PlayNoMore bag  |  H&M cat-ears beanie  |  Uniqlo x Ines de la Fressange scarf  |  Shades from Shibuya 109


      1. You look so chic and cozy!


        1. Thank youuu <3 I did feel cozy on this day too =)

      2. I love this Liyana! You've found a beautiful balance of practical, warm and so pretty! The soft blush color of the coat and blanket scarf with your perfect floral embroidered, black boots and black hijab is such a great look. I think you've discovered some knew "cozy chic" skills during your cold weather adventure!
        Fabric softener sheets, rubbed directly on the static stricken garment can be helpful to eliminate the cling. I just read that a safety pin, fastened to an inside seam of a pant leg, eliminates the static cling as well. I haven't actually tried that one yet. Love, Jude

        1. Thank you, Judy! I love experimenting with layering, such a shame I can't practise much layering "skills" in Malaysia though!

          I have never heard of fabric softener sheets! My guess is they are not sold here in Malaysia, or at least not common in the supermarkets here; I'd probably have to go on a quest to search for them. Probably because static isn't an issue in our weather? I am determined to locate them though and have a look at them myself, for future purposes. Thank you for the tip! =D

          I DID try the safety pin method but it didn't work for me unfortunately =( Apparently people recommend paper clips, too? I used a tiny pin - not sure if size matters when it comes to it? I would be too scared to use a bigger one, out of fear of ripping a part of the scarf off.

      3. You look super chic and so gorgeous even if you think these are less-than-perfect photos. That said, I would be more than excited to view future snaps of this stylish winter OOTD because I want to see those boots, bag and the details of your outfit like a true fashion stalker. It's the first time I am reading someone who uses the word 'staticky' in a blog post and I'm curiously fascinated. Perhaps, you're one ELECTRIC woman and that can't be avoided? BOOM! My lousy pun joke for you :D xoxo

        1. I'm a fan of puns babe, so I'm all for your joke, hahaha! I'd love for anybody to describe me as "electric", I'll be honest =D I actually Googled the word "staticky", believe it or not, as I wasn't sure if it was a word I made up on my own!

          I can't wait to wear the bag and photograph it. I did bring my boots to Milan so I will be sharing that outfit here soon. Thank you for continuing to read my blog Shanaz, I cannot tell you how much I truly appreciate it <3 <3 <3


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