Photo Diary: Winter at Nami Island, South Korea

I've been wanting to go to Nami Island ever since my first trip to Seoul but with Shah's work schedule, time just never seemed to permit it  until my third time visiting the city, that is (finally!)Nami Island is technically not in Seoul but it is near enough for a day trip; a 50-minute train trip + a short 5-minute ferry ride were needed to get to the beautiful island.

    Spot the bunnies running! (Although you can only see the tushie of one of them...)
      A little regretful over not getting cutesy face mask for myself as it really helps in staying warmer, but it really is hard to slip one over my ears wearing the hijab...

      I really can't talk about Nami Island without mentioning the TV show "Winter Sonata", so a fun fact for my readers who have never heard of the show: the island was one of the main backdrops for the Korean hit drama, prompting the place to become extremely famous with both Korean visitors and foreign tourists alike.

      Also, another (sorta) fun fact: my family and I and probably half of Malaysia binge-watched it when it aired on a local TV channel during my secondary school years.
        "Apa khabar" is the equivalent of "Hello/How are you" in the Malaysian Language, although nowadays we really just say "Hello"

            It didn't snow on the day I visited but there was already a thin layer of snow on the ground which got me excited as I hadn't seen snow in years! Seeing icicles for the first time ever was truly the icing on the cake for me! 
            PS: Hoping that you caught my pun hew hew hew.

                I actually thought some of the more massive icy formations were sculpted (and some obviously were, like a miniature ice castle, a polar bear and a seal) but then I realised most were fluid that froze mid-movement — SO majorly cool. 

                It was also my first time seeing a frozen lake so understandably I was excited like a little child!
                  I'm an avid reader so my heart burst with happiness at the sight of the Picture Book Library for children, but even cooler are the pillar made of books glued together near the library and a colourful Instagrammabe wall made of books.
                  (Shoutout to the couple taking photos in front of the wall, otherwise Shah and I wouldn't have noticed it!)
                    Nami Island must get a lot of Muslim visitors from all around the world (mostly Malaysians, Indonesians and Singaporeans from what I saw) as they actually dedicated a spacey room for praying purposes  built on top of a halal Asian restaurant with cuisines from all around Asia, but of course Shah and I went with their Korean delicacies.

                      All in all Shah and I had such a wonderful, well-spent day at Nami Island. If you ever visited Seoul and have an extra day of sight-seeing, definitely consider Nami Island as part of your itinerary!

                        THANK YOU for taking the time to check out all the pictures, I hope you enjoyed perusing through my photo diary 

                        Also: Have a read at my Nami Island outfit post: Layering Puffer Jacket + Houndstooth Checkered Coat

                        *photos taken with both my Samsung NX300 and iPhone 7 plus


                        1. I have truly loved many of your posts Liyana but there is something about this one that stands out from the rest. The ice and snow, the naturally frozen sculptures and the artists renditions are familiar sites for me because this has always been my winter experience. Of course the very unique culture of Nami island adds a new layer of beauty to savor.
                          The most joyful part of this post is YOU my friend!!! It is so much fun to see your very happy curiousity as you take it all in. Your photos(and of course Shah's as well) have captured the beauty and emotion of this adventure so well!! I can almost feel the cold and hear the crunch of snow beneath your feet! I loved enjoying your photos of lovely frozen Nami but I'm truly thrilled to share this "experience" with you. Your narrative and expressive face helped make it more than a "post". Thank you!!!
                          Love, Jude

                        2. Judy, you always say the sweetest things <3 I took some time choosing which photos to share and then worried if I shared too many as it was hard to narrow them down. I'm guessing there are readers who found they had to scroll too much (I'm sorry!) but I AM glad YOU enjoyed this. If I'm being honest, I do photo diaries on my blog for my own reference too, as it's easier to reminisce through them than searching for photos on my laptop (oops).

                          I wish I could experience the beauty of winter every year just like you do! But I know plenty of people who have never seen nor touch snow before, so it really put things into perspective and makes me even more grateful for whatever experiences that have been gifted to me. Perhaps that was the glee that showed on my face and Shah's!

                          It's interesting that you mentioned the unique culture of Nami Island, as I do wonder what it is like to experience winters elsewhere. So is there like an exhibition/a competition of ice sculptures where you live now/where you lived before? Or perhaps kids compete to see who can make the best snowman? That would be so cute!

                        3. I love the photos so much. They made me smile and really happy as I can feel how it must have been heaven-sent to be there to witness the beauty of our Mother Nature. I felt like my eyeballs got rejuvenated just by looking at these snaps. Nothing beats being there I am certain. I want to thank you oh so much for sharing your photo diary girl! My fave pic is the first one (if I had to choose LOL) because you look so darn cute and effortless chilling with the wood-man or wood-woman. Heeheee And yes, I got your pun. I always get puns :D Well, sometimes I miss them especially the complex ones hihihi

                          1. I'd love to go back there someday but is it weird that I'm worried it won't be as enchanting in other seasons? I always see autumnal Nami Island in their promo pictures on websites though, so perhaps a warm-toned Nami could beat a wintery Nami, but I wonder...

                            I love that first picture too! I was goofing around when I asked Shah to take my photo but it really looked like I was explaining things to wood-person and he/she was really taking whatever I'm saying in, right?

                            PS: I guess we're both punny people! =D


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