You know, an outfit post like this one makes me think about my purpose for blogging. Unlike other style/fashion bloggers  who share beautiful magazine-worth images, or share the latest goss in style & fashion, or educate others about the fashion industry, or so many other things, really — mine is really simple enough: to share the outfits I wear, which are comprised of affordable things and are modest, and which I hope could serve as an inspiration to whomever they could inspire.

    So if that's the case, does it matter if the quality of the photos I've shot isn't up to par, or at least up to my own personal usual standards? (Which isn't all that high, but it's still pretty up there, I think.)

    Or is the outfit the only thing that should matter?

      Take this outfit, for example. Nope, this isn't my best outfit ever but guysss I absolutely adore this zebra-print cardigan, which was last worn in Tokyo (and can be seen plenty of times in this blog, really). And those floral embroidered boots, oh mah God, I practically fell in love with them at first sight. It would make sense for me to share photos of me wearing them, especially when I wear them together, right?

        Except it took me a while to decide if I should because I took these photos at night with terrible artificial lighting and I got frustrated trying to edit them to my liking. I consider binning them all together but in the end I couldn't bring myself to do so, as I had waited so long to travel to a place where I could re-wear my zebra-print cardi (it's hot and humid where I live, remember?) and also those boots — which, may I add, are the same floral boots I wore with my staticky Ines de la Fressange scarf, in an outfit post that I almost didn't want to publish, too.

          So should the outfit comes first when it comes to publishing a post on my blog, or should the quality of the photos matter a lot too? I actually have no answer to my own question, so all I know is I'm just going to go with my gut with every single outfit I shoot!

          But what do you think? Would you expect your favourite bloggers to put style first or the photos' quality first in their outfit posts? Let me know what's important to you in the comment section down below!

          Wearing: H&M zebra print cardigan (seen here too)  |  Cotton On "Beetlejuice" t-shirt (men's)  |  Levi's straight jeans  |  Topshop floral embroidered suede boots  |  H&M beige blazer  |  Uniqlo HeatTech top & leggings (layered underneath)