Floral Blazer & Floral Pants Make A Floral Suit | Still Learning About Static Cling

In hindsight, as cute as this floral suit is (well, I think so anyway), it really wasn't the most practical thing to wear during winter in Milan because remember I said how incredibly staticky of a person I am? Which means materials that tend to easily carry static charge reeeally aren't the best things to have in my winter wardrobe?

The 97%-polyester-3%-elastane floral pants were annoyingly clinging on to my legs — or to my HeatTech, more precisely  and bunching up unattractively. Perhaps some of you are thinking how obvious it is to not wear polyester in winter when the air is drier but in my defence(s):

1. Malaysia is hot and humid which means I never had to worry about static charges so you've got to forgive yo tropical girl for forgetting about them when packing for her winter trip!
2. I didn't realise my suit was made of polyester. Even if I had known, I didn't know polyester attracts static charges more than most materials  until I Googled it after my trip!
(Also, I found out polyester is not the coolest of materials, so food for thought on that one...)

    So there you go. Probably not the best defences ever but even after all my winter trips, you have to understand that not growing up in the season (after season after season after season...) means I have so much to learn about dressing for it still!

    I'm still looking forward to wearing the suit in Malaysia though so I hope you guys wouldn't mind seeing this suit again, static-free (well, hopefully) and without the coat! I'm not going to go with sneakers next time so I'm already excited thinking about the footwear options for it.
    PS: Opinions welcomed!

    I took these photos near the entrance of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan which makes such a pretty background for my outfit shoot, don't you think? Ideally I would love to do an outfit shoot during the day but since my photographer works a 9-5 job, and it would be near impossible to take photos without having a crowd behind me at this location (which you can see in my two-toned jeans + new winter jacket post), that just wasn't happening.

    This static-related incident actually jogged my memory of reading a post by the fab Samantha of Fake Fabulous about static charges on her clothes a long while ago, so I searched her blog for this post; I wish I learned early on (and remembered) about the static effects of polyester from it! However I did learn plenty about sneaky layerings in winter-dressing from Samantha who lives in Scotland, so if you've never visited her blog you should check out Fake Fabulous for colourful outfit inspirations!

    Wearing: H&M floral blazer & pants  |  Bonika Studio navy coat from Tokyo  |  Adidas Stan Smith  |  Furry bag from Nishi Ginza mall, Tokyo  |  Bershka bobble beanie


    1. I love you in florals, Liayna! Honestly, you need to wear more florals tbh! As for Milan, I'm so freaking jealous! I always wanted to go to Europe but life got in the way. One day, I will make it there!

      1. Thank you Gigi <3 <3 <3 OK, now I'm going to make it a mission to wear florals more!

        I hope you will get to visit Europe one day soon, Gigi, I really do - wishing hard for you! xo

    2. This is a really gorgeous look Liyana. The print of that great floral jumpsuit has a rich, tapestry vibe. The fuchsia colored scarf is perfect and just adds to the feeling of luxury!! Really one of my favorites Liyana!! Love, Jude

      1. "Rich, tapestry vibe" - I love how you described the print, Judy! I didn't think I would like a floral print as "hardcore" as this print but when I saw it I just had to have it. Coupled with Gigi's sweet comment from above, now I'm looking forward to wearing this blazer and pants again even more! <3 <3 <3

    3. I agree about the cuteness of this floral suit. Please do a post on it when you wear the suit here in tropical Malaysia because I'm excited about the shoes you'll be wearing it with too hahaha. I learn so much about static in different fabrics here from you. I do know that polyester is heat-trapping and is the enemy in humid temps and even some polyblends too but I know nothing about dressing for winter and have to thank you for the many tips! Your pink hijab is popping here and I love the color. :D

      1. OK, so I didn't even realise polyester is heat-trapping (makes sense, though, plus it doesn't absorb sweat I think?) - that means it's a baddd idea to be prancing around in it in our hot and humid country, isn't it? I'll make sure to wear this suit again when I KNOW FOR SURE I will be in air-conditioned places!

        Yesss no more polyester in winters for me! But since polyester is apparently not the friendliest material around environmentally, I might consider not buying anything made of it in the future (but I'm weak-willed though, so...we'll see).


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