Back in Malaysia and so ready to get on with my winter outfits from Milan/Rome and Seoul. While you're getting your dose of spring freshness from others, just bear with me for a while with all these wintery vibes, will you?

      I've shared an up-close of this dark navy blue winter jacket from Zara but I just have to share it again as I am ready to officially declare it as my favourite winter jacket; I should also let you know that it has overtaken my green puffer jacket as my winter best friend.

      Now the real question is: when will I ever get to wear it again?

      Hopefully as soon as next winter, of course  yo tropical girl is allowed to dream big!

          If bulky could look cute, it would have to do with this navy jacket in my book!

          Wearing: Zara navy faux fur jacket  |  Levis's jeans  |  Timberland boots