How To Match Polka Dot With Plaid | A Reminder To Be Shamelessly Touristy

We're told to "never take things for granted", but is it really possible to NEVER take things for granted? The pessimist in me just doesn't believe it is; there's just something embedded in our DNA that makes us unable to acknowledge Every SINGLE Good Fortune that is presented to us  not on purpose though, no.

I mean, because we're so human. It's human nature.

    The year 2013 is my example of taking things for granted, back when I lived in Europe and carried around what would have been an abysmal digital camera now but absolutely adequate back then, and back when Shah enthusiastically used that camera to take photos of the European cities we visited including Rome, and of me in front of the magical backdrop that is ancient Rome.

      Well, at least he tried to since I continually refused to be featured in too many photos, in ANY city really, as I was in the weirdest phase of not wanting to appear "too touristy". Like my physicality isn't a dead giveaway that I was indeed not a local already.....?

      A couple of years later I looked back at my Euro-trip photos and thought "Where was I when this photo was taken? What proof do I have that I was AT these places?? Oh, wait" and of course I remembered being utterly obstinate (plus obnoxious).

      I may looked delighted up here but currently mentally rolling my eyes so hard at Liyana circa 2013 right now.....who goes to Rome and refuses to take photos??

      •     •     •     •     •     •     •

      It has been my dream since to go back to the places I visited and BE in the photos as well as in the moment, and lo and behold  unbelievably  Shah had to visit Italy for his job last month and I  got the golden chance to revisit Rome and retraced my footsteps to some of the places I went back years ago.

        At least now I already know that in a couple of years time, when I peruse through my Italy 2018 digital album, I will see that I had gotten my pics taken around Palatine Hill, Roman Forum, and Colosseum and be filled with satisfaction, as I am in A LOT of the photos. (I wonder if Shah might now argue they are too many?)

        PS: You can't tell the location just from these photos even though you can see bits and pieces of Palatine Hill and Colosseum as the backdrop to my Outfit Of That Day here. I'll be keeping pics of me gawking in these places to myself, thank you.

        Since it was near the end of winter, plus I have no idea when my next winter experience will be, it made no sense for me to get a brand-new winter jacket but, guys, POLKA DOTS  I just had to!

        See my other dotty things: navy polka dot culottes, dots on dots outfit, Adidas x Pharrell Williams polka dot jacket + sneakers, polka dot shirt-dress

        I paired the black-and-white polka-dot cutie with this black-and-white matching plaid set from Zara and finished off with my trusty black Stan Smiths. The simplest way to wear contrasting prints together is just to keep them in the same family of colours. It's more fun to add contrasting colours on top of the different prints but I'd say this is the safest way!

        On that note: are you into wearing contrasting prints together at all?
        Or is it a huge no-no for you?

        Wearing: Mango polka dot puffer jacket  |  Zara plaid top  |  Zara plaid culottes  |  Adidas Stan Smith  |  Lovisa errings (the same ones in my Nami Island OOTD)


        1. OMG all the swag in the photos, I love your energy, girl I think I said that about a billion times already. I can relate with not wanting to appear touristy but back in 2013 I was camera-shy or held a thought that I was better behind the lens? Funny that because thoughts change! I am so glad you took a billion photos of yourself in all of these stunning places you visited because come on, it's not TOURISTY if you are dressed like Liyana. I'm super inspired looking at your dotted look and the styling idea you suggested is something I appreciate too. I love those earrings, your lip color and I cannot stop looking at the photos. LOVE!!! <3

          1. I actually laugh at my own "swaggy" poses to be honest ahahaha but I'm really happy they look legit to you! And of course, as always, I'm glad you like the outfit here =D

            So OK we might not have had the same reasons to not want to take photos years ago, but I wonder if our change of hearts has something to do with the digital age we're living in now? Back then I also refused to open an Instagram account until one of my best friends coaxed me into doing it, now Instagram is my number one social media platform!

        2. That ol human nature reality explains so many of our shortcomings doesn't it? This outfit features some terrific examples of print mixing and I'm especially loving that polka dot jacket!!! Pattern mixing is one of my personal favorite fashion trends. DON'T you have some black and white striped pants Liyana? They'd be great with this jacket!!! Love, Jude

          1. It really, really does, unfortunately. But at least it's in our nature to learn from our mistakes, too!

            I DO have those striped pants and YES, you're right, they would pair well with this jacket. I'm starting to get into prints-mixing again too, so I'm always open to suggestions!

        3. I love your polka dot jacket. So beautiful.

          1. Thank you, Sophie, I love it too! Malaysia is hot so I haven't gotten the chance to wear it in such a long time already. Here's to hoping I visit somewhere colder soon!


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