Yes, this post includes a pair of gloves. I feel like a majority of you is entitled to get an apology from me, as I know that you're probably a little sick of the warm outfits of the cold weather of non-spring where you're living now.
PS: Basing this assumption from the people I follow on Instagram who seem to wish to dive straight into summer if possible.

Hoping that you're still willing to bear with me with my wintery outfit posts before I delve into a new set of warmer-weathered clothes  which you most definitely will, as Malaysia is as hot and humid, as always.

    This was the last outfit of my Milan trip last month when the temperature still dipped to zero degrees Celsius. That kind of explains the gloves, right? Except to be honest I didn't completely need gloves on that day even though it was super cold, not particularly; it's just that I had gotten back from Rome the day before, where I had bought these gloves, and I reeeaaallyyy wanted to photograph them for my blog.

      When Shah and I saw a pair of black-and-white gloves that were on display in the front window of the store,  he (yes, it was HE) thought they have these Chanel-like vibes to them and was going to get them for me just because of that  only to prefer this navy blue-and-bronze version when I went inside to see the gloves.
      Also, these snuggly gloves made me realised how pathetically flimsy my existing gloves were, my God.

      I've always found gloves restrictive and incredibly un-cute, but at least this pair made me mind mittened hands a lot less now.

      I had to take an unwilling break from blogging because my laptop refused to turn on right after I posted my last polka dot jacket outfit and it turns out the motherboard needs changing. Un-be-LIE-va-ble, since my laptop is barely one year old,  plus on top of that my previous laptop lasted me for a decade so I'm just baffled, really.

      On the bright side, it's still under warranty until this week, so I'm looking forward to sharing my outfits again soon <3

      Wearing: Bonika Studio navy blue coat  |  Zara striped top & matching striped pants (worn in my Ines de la Fressange scarf post)  |  Uniqlo socks  |  Adidas Stan Smith