I've been on the hunt for another pleated skirt ever since I acquired this metallic silver one from Mango, but...it should be acceptable for me to use that excuse to get pleated pants too, right?

    This might sound odd but as a hijabi, I have a beef with pleated things I spot in high-street stores: why you gotta be midi length? It's just that I prefer to be knee-high-socks-less in my hot and humid country, that is all.

    I have a real affinity for electric blue so regardless of the fact that these culottes are shorter than what I'd normally go for, I made an exception for them (and got to showcase my long black socks in all of their glory).

    More of the blue shade in Affordorable: Electric blue baju kurung for Eid last year, electric blue scarf for a different Eid outfit last year, an electric blue top for 2015 Eid, an electric blue pleated (!) maxi dress that I should totally re-wear soon, right?

      This was the outfit I wore on my 15-hour transit in Dubai on my way back from Italy. Before you gasp (even more) in horror at the words "15-hour transit", don't worry; it was totally planned on purpose to give Shah and I some time to explore Dubai, like we did the last time I followed him to Milan (when I wore my navy boxy blazer + two-toned frayed jeans outfit, and in fact I explained the same situation in that post, too).

        Are you into haggling at all? We went to visit the Gold Souk first but there wasn't anything I haven't seen, being Asian myself. I live part-time in two cities and the fact that I go back and forth ridiculously much between the two of them means bringing home a bunch of spices from the Spice Souk seemed moot as I don't cook nowhere near as much as I used to.

        Now, the Textile Souk was another story: I got to practice the art of haggling, something I have always disliked and am so not good at, but I did manage to bring back home a couple of satisfactory finds with me which I look forward to sharing with you guys in future posts.

        Now, back on my search for a pleated skirt...

        Wearing: Monki two-toned denim jacket (worn with polka dot wide culottes here)  |  Adidas t-shirt  |  Bershka culottes  |  Adidas socks  |  Adidas Stan Smith