zara navy blue faux fur winter jacket
In reference to my previous post on the green puffer jacket + pink Timberland boots — on me wanting another winter jacket and another Timberland boots  I am pleased to announce that I have acquired a brand-new winter jacket AND a new pair of Timberland boots.

Well, except my new winter jacket isn't a puffer jacket like I talked about.....and my new Timberland boots aren't the classic camel brown version I mentioned.....but who's to say they aren't better?

mango two toned black mom jeans
    zara faux fur navy blue winter jacket
    The jacket isn't the most affordable I own but with its surprisingly cosy faux fur lining, the splurge was well worth it (plus it IS cute, I think...?). I can't say Timberland boots are ever cheap but a good tip: just buy 'em at outlets, guys! Brand-new and at almost always half the price, they're total bargains for their quality! (My first pair lasted almost a decade, Timberland boots are the real deal, peeps.)

    winter outfit in galleria vittorio emanuele

        pale beige timberland boots
        winter outfit duomo di milano
        But here's a story for yah: I actually saw the classic camel-yellow ones I originally wanted at the same outlet (!) but, you know, me wanting to be smart and all, I decided to take some time off to think about buying them while I perused in the other shops, only to come back an hour later or less to discover someone else had gotten to them first. And oh oh, of course they were the very last pair in the shop.

        That's it, forget being smart on my next shopping excursion.

        Not that it was such a loss anyway, let's be real, as I did get this baby caramel-brown-beige-y pair! (I'm weak, OK? Also, what IS that colour on my boots?)

        zara faux fur hooded winter jacket timberland boots

          pale beige caramel timberland boots
          One of my current favourite jeans are these two-tone blue jeans so I was stoked to find a similar pair in black (also from Mango!). This black pair is more of a mom-jeans cut though so it's like a wholee new jeans game; I'm racking my brain on how to match these jeans so any cute outfit ideas are welcomed!

          duomo milan winter outfit shoot

          PS: This shoot took place right in front the Milan Cathedral a.k.a. Milan di Duomo and also inside Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, which are two of the most touristy places in Milan AND the most beautiful ones too!

          Wearing: Zara winter jacket  |  H&M jacket  (this faux-leather sleeved one!) |  Adidas floral t-shirt  |  Mango two tone jeans  |  Timberland boots  |  Backpack from  Myeongdong market, Seoul