Bomber Jacket, Patched Jeans & Coca-Cola Clutch | Fashion Hoarder VS Fashion Collector

In case you didn't know: I'm a self-proclaimed hoarder.
Or at least I'd like to think I used to be.

I talked about this a little more at length in my Fashion Hoarder: Am I One? Are YOU One? post back in May 2014. I linked two articles from two other sites in that post and as I re-read them again, I'm convinced that I may have become more of a "collector" rather than a hoarder — very ideally. It's a process that's taken time, plus it's undeniably something to do with how I'm trying to shop more consciously by making mindful selections of what goes into my closet.

    I'm not going to lie and say I do the "sleep on it" practice with everything I intend to buy. If I'm being honest, I have this (irrational?) fear of the item disappearing overnight if I step away from it.
    I was relentless at imagining this fear before, which was why I became somewhat of a "hoarder".

    Plus, it never helps when you factor in ridiculously slashed prices, saying, "It's SO cheap anyway, I might as well just get it!"

    Compared to previous shopping excursions where I bought something cute just because I could fit into it and afford it, I now take the time to assess if it is indeed something I'd be happy to wear and re-wear again  and again and again. (I suppose this is the "curate" thing so many bloggers love to say they do...?)

    Basically, collectors put thoughts into what they acquire, whereas hoarders do it on a whim. Thoughts versus impulse. Now, that makes it easier to categorise me — or you, even — in this whole versus business.

    Read: Previous thinking-out-loud on hoarding clothes in my The Black and White Zig Zag Dress and Sweet Bell Tiers outfit stories.
    Another factor that helps in less impulsive purchases, admittedly, is the price tag. Parting with more money just has a way of making you put way more thoughts into it, doesn't it? More often than not, the more expensive something is, the better its quality. Shouldn't better quality be why it is worth for you to part with your money in the first place?

    And that brings me to this Coca-Cola clutch. This kitschy, super adorbs clutch that I got in Tokyo almost two years ago. I've bought clutches from Tokyo for half its price and they are now either peeling or lost their lustre, but this one seems to stand the test of time so I'm proud to have it among my collections, alongside this much-loved bomber jacket from Zara that I wish I could wear more often!

      Are you more of a hoarder or a collector when it comes to your wardrobe? What are your thoughts on the Hoarder VS Collector subject?

      I took these photos at Myengdong station and also the infamous Myeongdong shopping market/streets; most of the beauty shops there closed at 11pm so you could see still see a throng of (very stylish) ladies still exploring the streets with me!

      Wearing: Zara bomber jacket  | H&M patched jeans  |  Adidas Stan Smith sneakers  |  Coca-Cola clutch from Shibuya 109  |  Lovisa earrings


      1. I love this monochromatic denim look and your sneakers give it just the right subtle pop! For some reason I'm craving some yellow or red but I've got a feeling that this outfit really addressed your mood on this day??
        Love, Jude

        1. I wouldn't say it was according to my mood, but more accurately according to the limited ingredients of my luggage! I did bring a yellow scarf (a new one!) and it WOULD have been lovely here, wouldn't it? But I was saving that for my last day in Seoul, so I just decided to let the clutch shine here. Oooh and maybe a red t-shirt would have been cool here too, to complement the red in the clutch? Always with the good ideas, Judy! <3

      2. Hi Ana! I'm glad you love this outfit, as I love it too =D

      3. You are so darn beautiful gosh! And girl, your earring game is on fire and I like that clutch addition as it adds pops of color and print. I do like to think that I'm not a hoarder but the closet is proving otherwise. Most are hand-me-downs and I need to part with those soon as they're taking up way too much space. A collector sounds like someone who is organized but I'm kind of haphazard plus I am on the mindful shopping train now as I declutter hehehe. LOVE your photos as per usual :D

        1. You are so sweet Shanaz, thank you thank you. Those earrings were a gift, they're something I would never picked out on my own (I would NOW) but they're cute, aren't they!

          You seem like a pretty mindful shopper to me to be honest! But it's good that we all want to do better, right? (In my case, a LOT better, I'm terrible at decluttering! *crying face emoji*)


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