Floral Embroidered Jeans & Baby Blue Bucket Bag (Also: Florals For Spring? Groundbreaking.)

Floral Embroidered Jeans Baby Blue Bucket Bag
So, I heard rumours that spring is finally here? Well, at least that's what I've heard through the grapevine.

Also, I should probably clarify that "here" does not include Malaysia, the country I live in, and "grapevine" really is just various platforms of social media. It'd be lovely if any of you who live in a four-season country (well, aside from New Zealand, Australia and the likes) could clarify whether the rumours are indeed fo realz.

And if they were true, yes, feel free to share stories about all the pretty blooms you're seeing, as I'd be living vicariously through you!

Floral Embroidered Jeans Nude Slingback Heels
    Floral Embroidered Jeans Baby Blue Bucket Bag
    Long Oversized White Shirt
      One way I can think of to get into some spring action (that doesn't involve me flying somewhere spring-y hence won't cost me a fortune) is to wear some spring-inspired attire myself, in the forms of these floral-embroidered jeans and a sky blue bucket bag.
      You know how certain outfits speak of your personality before you even open your mouth? I'll be totally honest, this whole ensemble isn't totally 'me'. I love my jeans ripped, patched, released-hem etc. and this embroidered pair is like a prim and proper one, almost the opposite of all those things. Also: baby blue bucket bag and lady-like slingbacks on me?

      But I've said the darndest things in the past and got away with them so that's how I feel about what this outfit says too (if that makes sense). Simply put: it was a day when I had the desire to match the nude slingbacks to the florals on my jeans and match the jeans to my baby blue bag, so I just went ahead and did it.

      Floral Embroidered Jeans Nude Slingback Heels Bucket Bag
      After all, how SWEET are these jeans? Aside from being comfortable, they're so easy to wear and most importantly, they're mom-approved as my mom thinks they're really pretty. I will probably never pair these things together again but I will definitely wear each and every piece in this getup on its own happily.

      Olive Scarf Oversized White Shirt
        Floral Embroidered Jeans Baby Blue Bucket Bag
        What do you think of my spring-vibez outfit here? I'm looking forward to wearing the slingbacks again the most, to be honest. Hopefully next time it'll be part of an outfit that truly fits my style's personality.

        PS: So assuming it is officially spring, I'm predicting a bunch of spring outfit posts with the iconic line "Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking." included in them (even though it makes so much sense, can't wait!).
        Update: Already saw two of my favorite bloggers using the words "groundbreaking" and "floral" in their posts, have to admit I'm loving this!

        Wearing: Sly long oversized white shirt  |  Mango floral embroidered jeans  |  Mango nude slingback heels  |  Bucket bag from Hongdae market, Seoul


        1. This look may not feel like "you" Liyana but it is most definitely the look that your friend Jude absolutely can't get enough of. I don't wear my embroidered jeans with sling back pumps and prefer a short boot for our cooler weather. In warmer months I like them with a Converse style sneaker. I have purchased and collected such a variety of embroidered jeans over the years!! I love them passionately! :-)
          I think you look gorgeous here Liyana! I love the neutral colored scarf too! I guess your dear mom and I agree on how pretty these jeans are!
          Love Jude

          1. Ohhh I'm sure your embroidered jeans are all dreamy and cool! I wonder what are the designs of most of your embroidery, or maybe they're a good eclectic mix?

            It's funny how the style scene claimed that embroidered jeans were making a "comeback", and all this while you've been collecting them. I think the story is, there are many styles that simply remain on the scene but there are sources who like to "claim" it first, just to make it appear as if they're the ones setting the trend. I remember I wore track pants when the came in heaps in stores a year or two ago, like they're suddenly "on trend", and you told me that they have been around for quite some time - it's just no one was shining a spotlight on them.

            I'm glad you like this outfit, Judy! Like I said, I don't know if I'd wear this ensemble again but I'm happy I took the risk!

        2. Hahaha, you are so funny girl. I just used the word 'groundbreaking' but not about florals in my latest post. The word that popped out when I saw your outfit in this post was 'demure' as you look super feminine and utterly ladylike in this. I love the classic nude hues and can I just have those jeans please?! :D

          1. Honestly if we were the same size (which I very much doubt we were you little slim beauty thayng) I'd totally pass them on to you!

            Demure is true! I rarely look demure, I think? But once in a while, why not eh.


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