As a hijabi with a penchant for "hijabifying" clothing pieces that were so not made for hijabis in mind (like, say, off-the-shoulder tops) I find long white/black socks to be as reliable as white/black long-sleeved tops — a necessity, really  but wearing long white/black socks Every Single Time I need to cover my skin is like...wearing jeans every time I need pants...? Something like that?

I could probably come up with a better metaphor if I give myself more time but basically, that is to say: things could get boring real fast, people.

See: Why long socks are needed with these midi-length electric blue culottes

These kitschy socks would be harder to match fo sho but whoever says things have to match anyway, especially because of how adorbs they are?

See: More Disney socks in my collection! Also, have you seen my Alice In Wonderland socks from Typo as well?

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