New In: Typo Novelty Star Wars & The Little Mermaid Socks

As a hijabi with a penchant for "hijabifying" clothing pieces that were so not made for hijabis in mind (like, say, off-the-shoulder tops) I find long white/black socks to be as reliable as white/black long-sleeved tops — a necessity, really  but wearing long white/black socks Every Single Time I need to cover my skin is like...wearing jeans every time I need pants...? Something like that?

I could probably come up with a better metaphor if I give myself more time but basically, that is to say: things could get boring real fast, people.

See: Why long socks are needed with these midi-length electric blue culottes

These kitschy socks would be harder to match fo sho but whoever says things have to match anyway, especially because of how adorbs they are?

See: More Disney socks in my collection! Also, have you seen my Alice In Wonderland socks from Typo as well?

PS: Don't you just love my multicoloured carpet from Ikea? Head over to this home decor post I wrote about living #thathotellife to know how I searched for carpet ideas.


  1. That carpet is from ikea?! I loveeeeee. I'm looking for a carpet for my new place so... maybe I'll check out Ikea ;)

    I also love playful socks - I have some with Van Gogh's starry night on them, which are my current favourite :)

    1. It IS! I browsed through their website and narrowed down a few choices before going to the store, but this multicoloured one stole my heart from the beginning. It brightens up my day, every day =D

      I LOVE The Starry Night, oh my God, I would absolutely want a pair of socks with the painting printed on it!

      PS: If you've taken a picture of the socks and uploaded them on your blog or Instagram, share with me the link, I'd love to have a peek!

  2. You are so kitschy that you can wear any novelty piece and slay like a boss so I'm really admiring your choices. It's so fun, bright and cheery. I did get a bit experimental with my sporty socks of choice recently because my old boring ones have started to become stretchy and that one has lost its partner. It's still pretty safe except for the pop of bright pink on the top part of the sock and I got a bright orange pair too. Perhaps, I should venture into patterned ones soon :D x

    1. I admire those who don't HAVE to wear socks but do! If Malaysia were not as hot as it is, I think I would adore having socks on all the time as I love warm feet - but warm and hot are two different things to me!

      Ahhh pink and orange pops in socks sound wonderful and adorable. I'd love to see you wearing them in your blog!


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