Houndstooth Suit & Bejeweled Pointy Toe Sock Boots

Finally bringing to you my last winter outfit of 2018, worn on my last day during my Seoul trip last month.

    Continuing with my "collector" aspirations, this houndstooth suit definitely has a long-term place in my closet. If you didn't know it, I have a thing for matching sets; for some reason they get relatively worn a lot so, you know, in a way, they can be considered as "investments".
    (PS: Also a good excuse to buy more.)

    See: My favourite "pyjama" outfit from Mango & my precious matching striped skirt + top set from Tokyo

      By the way, can we talk about my bejeweled sock boots for a sec?

      As a result of my love-hate relationship with long socks  which are handy for my hijabi self, who occasionally throw sense out the window and opt for midi-length pants and skirts instead of the more practical maxi-length  I am all for the sock boots trend as wearing them means one less layer on my feet during hot/humid Malaysia days. 

      I'm already getting loads of wear out of these burgundy pair, and I foresee the same with this bejeweled pair.

      Also, shocker, they are actually comfortable, although they might not look it; I was half-expecting to limp halfway throughout my day out in Seoul (I live dangerously occasionally) but at no point did I wish I was wearing sneakers instead.

        Bejeweled score, amiright?

        I know I said I wanted to talk about them only for a sec but seriously they're a real steal in my book, especially considering they were discounted like crazy when I got them.

        I might even pair these with an abaya or traditional wear during this upcoming Eid, we'll see — and on that note, Ramadhan is less than one month away, OMG.

        I wish my camera could capture the micro-houndstooth pattern better though! What do you think of the  idea of a houndstooth suit? A little controversial, or you'd totally wear it out yourself?

        Wearing: H&M houndstooth blazer  |  H&M houndstooth pants  |  Zara bejeweled pointy toe sock boots  |  H&M houndstooth coat (worn with red tulle skirt earlier in Seoul's winter)  |  Ring from bazaar in Subang Parade


        1. Your houndstooth suit is such a classic! I think it was a smart investment simply because you can go for the statement, full on suit look, as you've done here or you can find lots of imaginative ways to combine each piece separately. I really love the way you've brought a second layer of complimentary plaid for a unique pattern mix. Topping it off with the yellow scarf is my favorite!!
          As for those booties Liyana? They are so dang cute I can't stand it!!:-)
          They add a fun and feminine twist to the men's suiting feel. GREAT OUTFIT!!!! Love, Jude

          1. Thank you, Judy! I especially loveee the blazer, it'll me fun to mix and match that one for sure! I considered ditching the coat when I was taking photos but it was still too cold in Seoul to do that, but I'm glad I didn't as I can always wear the suit on its own in Malaysia another time.

            So so so glad you approved of the booties, because they seem to be a bit of a controversial choice with some people! Me, well, I love the fact that it looks extra witchy =D xo

        2. Urgh you look super fab and you slayed the yellow so GOOD, I am just sitting here in awe! Love how sassy you looked in this outfit. Something about it whispers chic business woman and I agree with what you said about the sock boots! They're a beauty by the way and I've not seen one in this bejeweled design. Your shoe game is so on fire.... Is there anything that is NOT on fire though? Hehee.. Love your outfit photos and poses and your dainty rings!

        3. Thank you Shanaz <3 <3 <3 I can't believe I scored those boots in Zara for like...RM50? Crazy right?

          I'm looking forward to wearing this suit again in Malaysia but I'll be sure to always be near air-conditioned places on that day. I just need to figure out which shoes to pair with it next, and what scarf to wear it with!

          I'm really getting into yellow now for some reason, but I'm also keeping my eyes peeled for anything in that delightful yellowy browny shade of your t-shirt (the one you wore with batik skirt!) that I'm uhbsessed with.


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