How To Make A Regular Outfit Fancier | Cat-Eye Sunglasses & The Same Bejeweled Sock Boots

Imagine the same exact outfit I have on here with my usual white Stan Smith sneakers, now wouldn't that have given off a very, very different vibe? 
Then again I suppose it makes sense that anything bejeweled would help in making any ol' outfit fancy, isn't it?

    I really didn't think I would be wearing my bejeweled sock boots so soon after wearing it with my houndstooth suit in Seoul but, hey, I managed to surprise even myself. To up the ante even more I added these cat-eye sunglasses, but since I was going for a casual brunch with my best friends (in which we wore the same sweater in different colours like we were a trio 14-year-old girls having teenage fun), I think I managed to balance it all out with a relatively more casual black messenger bag.

    I bought one pair of cat-eye sunglasses when I was in Tokyo five years ago which I thought was risky as heck as no one was wearing the shape at the time but I am so, SO glad I got them as they are the damn coolest cat-eye sunglasses I've ever seen, even in the sea of cat-eye sunglasses that are saturating the market now.
    Plus, they actually look good on me (well, I think so).

    PS: See which sunglasses I'm talking about in my polka-dot puffer jacket post (I'm wearing the same plaid pants here) and with cat-print "pajama" top

      But did that stop me from buying more cat-eye sunglasses? Evidently no, because the moment I put on these kitschy gold-rimmed ones I'm wearing in this photo here, I thought "OK this is super fashunnn" and I got sucked into buying them. 
      (PS: It did not help that my two girlfriends were telling me " Liyana they are SO YOU buy them!")

      Are you into the cat-eye sunglasses trend as well

      Wearing: Uniqlo seafoam green sweater  |  Zara plaid pants  |  Cotton On cat eye sunglasses  |  Zara sock boots  |  Messenger bag from Myeongdong market  |  Lovisa earrings

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      1. I haven't tried this look yet but I think these glasses look so attractive on you! Also, that sweater and culotte is what I would call "business feminine". The soft blue tone of the sweater tones down the serious plaid and makes for a perfect juxtaposition of styles. You look gorgeous! Love, Jude

        1. The plaid pants definitely give the outfit some business-y vibes, true! I'm glad you think those glasses look good on me, I was worried it would be one those things that "wear me" instead of the other way around. Thank you Judy! <3 <3 <3

      2. already own too many pairs is my answer! Haha. I also have a thing about any sunglasses that cover my eyebrows and find that a lot of cat-eye ones do so for some reason....

        Love the balance you have here between comfy and fab ;)

        1. Thank you, Katia!

          That's the first time I hear about someone liking sunglasses that cover eyebrows, but that actually sort of makes sense to me which I think is weird, hahaha!

      3. Love a good pair of cat eye glasses. The jazz up any outfit. There are SO many cheap and cheerful pairs available now because they're so trendy, so easy to find a cute pair and not have to splurge!


        1. Hi Lyndi! You're totally right, they DO add a lil sum'in sum'in to any outfit, don't they? Regarding the trendy part, so very true; I don't think I've been inside an affordable high-street store that does NOT carry cat-eye sunglasses at the moment!

      4. Hehehe, I get your mad love for the cat eye sunnies girl. I actually wanted to wear a pair like years back but I felt it was a tad extra and I wasn't photographing my outfits I'm thinking I wanna join you hahaha. I am going to hunt for a thrifty pair just to see if I'm liking the vibe of it on me. But on you, dang girl, you are killing it and your gfs are beyond correct! I love how happy you look in this getup. Super duper chic like no kidding plus the background is amazeballs! Hahah LOVE <3

        1. Do you REALLY like the background, omg omg when I was editing these photos I was going ugh did I pick the wrong place to shot at?? But now you're making me rethink that and also making me wonder should I shoot my next outfit in the same exact place now??

          Also, OMG, if you found a vintage cat eye sunglasses that would be the coolest thing ever, I am sending out positive vibes to you in the hopes that you unearth an amazing pair somewhere! Really, I'm appreciating these shades even more now after reading your comment <3


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