Favourite Abaya, Baby Speedy & Samosa Mules

I adore this old sequinned-sleeve black abaya so much that I've worn it countless times, especially to weddings. The fact that it's almost solid black allows me to treat it sort of like a "blank canvas", allowing various stylings to give a different result each time.

Look 1: With red scarf + leopard print flats + "Call Me" clutch
Look 2: With leopard print scarf + red/nude flats + piano clutch

PS: I even have a green version of it!

    Aside from the black abaya dress, this outfit consists of my other old faves: my Louis Vuitton Speedy bag and these champagne gold mules with statement bows — bows so exaggerated that they prompted my younger brother to comment that they resemble samosas.

    In case you're unsure: YES, samosas as in the usually-fried delicious savoury snack.

      Now I can't quite unsee the resemblance, hence me calling them "samosa mules" from then onwards...

        Wearing: Old dress from Berjaya Times Square  |  Louis Vuitton Speedy bag  |  Champagne gold mules from Haji Lane, Singapore  |  Lovisa earrings

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        1. I can understand why this abaya style is a favorite! It is a simple flattering a-line shape with a nice touch of sparkle at the sleeve and hemline. It also looks comfortable and affords you the opportunity to add fun accessories depending on the mood and occasion. Perfection!!!
          I loved your brothers hilarious comment about those very stylish and architecturally cool bows that enhance your mules! I also like how his comment has created a traditional "family story" reference. Love, Jude

          1. You're completely right, one of the reasons I love this dress so much is its cut! Fitted A-line yet roomy enough to cover my perpetual food bump =D I also adore that bronzey shade of sequins.

            I cannot look at those mules now without remembering what my brother said, oh brother!


        2. Your bro is so creative haha. I read Samosa mules and that got me so interested I had to click this post like ASAP. I love samosas and can gulp them down especially if the pastry is light and the filling is scrumptious but let me just pause and say, you look so beautiful in this neutral outfit scheme. I love the glitter from the sequins and the way you accessorize. I don't know how you do it but you are like a chameleon with your ease in wearing a VARIETY of looks. I am also in awe of the building behind you. Super gorgeous :)

          1. As I was typing up this post I thought of this unconventional cheese-filled samosas I used to eat years ago that I loved but never found nowadays. Samosas for tea time is just so great, aren't they?

            Thank you for your kind compliments, I'm truly flattered by your "chameleon" comment and blushing hard right now! Thank you thank you xxoo

            This was shot in Putrajaya! Apparently Putrajaya is filled with beautiful Instagram-worthy locations so I so wish I could find the time to explore the place more to shoot there. I was in the area for a wedding and we parked our car next to this building, so it was a total coincidence that I discovered this pretty building. I wish I had the guts to move the orange cones but I'm such a law-abiding citizen, I would stress if someone official-looking comes out to tell me off! Will definitely want to visit here again sometimes in the future though =)


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