Detailed Fuzzy Culottes, Off-the-shoulder Button-up & Red Mules | A Hypothetical Office Style

    Is anyone else getting "office vibes" from this outfit, or is it just me?

      I didn't even notice it while wearing the outfit but realised it much later during editing these photos. I don't mean "office vibes" in a negative way though, not at all; if I had a creative job in an office — like in a relatively formal/more serious office and not the fun Google-with-slides-jeans-are-fine kind — this is exactly one of the outfits that I'd be wearing and would even try to recreate using different pieces every now and then.

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      Most of the things I wear in this outfit are old yet they feel "fresh" to me as I styled them differently (see this striped off-the-shoulder button-up shirt layered on top of a white shirt & the red mules with loop hoop earrings). Aside from making more conscious shopping decisions, I'm also trying to practise another one of those how-to-be-a-more-responsible-shopper tricks: shopping from my OWN wardrobe.

        The only never-seen-before piece: the statement, dark navy detailed fuzzy culottes which were a steal during last year's December sale, bought a size up than my usual for the extra length. It's one of the "fancier" pants in my closet so it's worth saving for a day when I ended up going out for a super fancy dinner with mon mec (that's "my man" in French, just feeling a lil fancy at the mo), as opposed to my usual ratty (but oh so comfy) jeans + sneakers outfit..

        PS: My first time at Nobu KL, SO GOOD.

        I'm looking forward to toning down these fancy schmancy pants with maybe a tee and denim jacket the next time I wear them, what do you think? Any other suggestions on how to dress down the pants?

        Wearing: Mango striped off-the-shoulder button-up shirt  |  H&M detailed culottes  |  Mango red heeled mules  |  H&M long-sleeved t-shirt (men's)

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        1. Now those culottes REALLY have some texture goin on!!!:-) You look like an amazing trend setter in this ensemble Liyana! I'd wear everything except the culottes. Primarily because I'm not so brave and I think they'd make me look "broad in the beam"/ big ol butt! :-) They look wonderful on you my dear young friend!! Love, Jude

          1. I typed a REALLY long reply but my wifi went AWOL for a bit, omg. Trying to remember what I said but I distinctly remember typing something like: WHAT big ol' butt? I've seen photos of your slender frame with no sign of said butt! The thing is, I myself have a relatively bigger butt compared to my upper body (my younger sister calls my butt "Khloe", after the Kardashian with the impressive buttocks size); I'm very much a pear-shaped gal so if these culottes work on me, they could definitely work on you too my dear fit Judy! I am glad you approve of this outfit as I thought it was a bit "out there". I am now looking forward to wearing a variation of this outfit in the future!

        2. Girly hehehe, to say that I love this would be an understatement. I freaking LOVE this outfit URGH! You look like a QUEEN. I can see the creative office lady vibes and those mules are super duper cool, I want them. The way you coordinated everything together just spilled into an explosion of outfit coolness that is making me smile. And thanks for teaching me French but I got no man. Can you please teach me how to say "my cats" LOL! I look forward to you styling down the fancy pants because you know I love the way you do casual yet always quirky :) Happy weekend lovely! xoxo

          1. My knowledge of French words is the same as a 2-year-old's regular knowledge of vocab in her/his native language, so Google Translate bebeh!

            So happy you like this outfit! I feel like it's so unlike my usual style so I love that I'm getting stamps of approval from you and others who are sweet enough to visit this lil space of mine. I now can't wait for the culottes to make another appearance here!


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