I wonder why people love to hate on the whole floral-for-spring thing? Could it really be the result of Devil Wears Prada's iconic line? Sure, it isn't all that "groundbreaking" but isn't floral for spring as synonymous as pastels are for spring, or warm hues for autumn, or, dark purple-red lipsticks for winter? 
Either way I'm just going to continue to dress free as a bird (and get away with wearing this shirt all-year round regardless of what season it is in other countries + sans judgment in Malaysia).
    Honestly though, if anything, it seems like people like me who don't live in a four-season country are the ones living for these season signifiers, probably because that's the only way we get to feel each season.
    I wish wish WISH this floral pajama shirt came with matching pants because if you don't know this, I happen to love looking like I "woke up like dis". But even on its own, the thin, cooling-to-the-skin comfy shirt made a great addition to my-country-is-hot-and-humid wardrobe.
    On a separate note: I didn't have time to update my blog since my last post as I came back to my hometown from the South where I live part-time + went back to Shah's hometown which is all the way up in the North to spend time with his family + came back to my hometown by myself to vote in Malaysia's (very dramatic) 14th General Election (Shah voted in his hometown) where I nail-bitingly stayed up the whole night afterwards to hear the result. 
    If you haven't heard, Malaysia just made history by electing the world's oldest prime minister who will turn 93 later this year; Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad — who is our 7th Prime Minister AND was also our 4th (!!!) — is freakin NINETY TWO Y'ALL, and truly inspirational.
    Our government has now been taken over by the opposition coalition as a result of the election — the first time in six decades where we had a change in the ruling party since we gained independence from the British Empire and officially formed Malaysia , so it's pretty much a huge deal. Big changes are taking place on this wee side of the world and we're all anxious + excited to see positive changes here, so wish us luck!

    Wearing: Zara floral shirt  |  H&M jeans  |  Mango strappy flats  |  Bucket bag from Hongdae market, Seoul  |  Sunglasses from Shibuya 109

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