Why I Love Blazers

When I first started wearing the hijab about seven years ago I had to find ways to utilise my already-existing clothing pieces, as overhauling my entire wardrobe was not a viable option for my wallet + bank account (but not-so-oddly the complete opposite of what my heart said). 
That meant "hijabifying" said pieces was crucial but turns out it wasn't all that difficult. I already owned a bunch of cardigans, jackets and blazers which "rescued" a lot of outfits; I could still wear my favourite sleeveless/short-sleeved tops and dresses just by throwing one of those outerwears over them.

My taste inevitably changed over the years; I often overlook my old cardis as I'm now a total denim jacket gal but blazers are definitely my pick for the most versatile outerwear. It's easy to dress them up and down, plus they go with everything. There are plenty of ways to wear a blazer too: button it up, wear it open and loose, belt it, tuck it in, etc..
(Tucked-in blazer is now a thing, as I recently discovered. Also: ten points if you can name another way to wear a blazer!)
See more of my blazers: Grey pinstripedfloral print & part of this houndstooth suit
    We're still in that "Blazer Moment" which means there are crazy many options out there. Even though my go-to blazer is the long navy one I bought in Tokyo, my personal fave at the mo is this glen plaid blazer which I've paired with a black maxi dress here (probably bought in 2006 or 2007 and in amazing condition, so proud of this fact), super cute bronze ribboned mules I got recently, a little vintage "flurry" bag and statement earrings.
    I wore this plaid blazer on my birthday this year but my first outfit on that day (I'm a high-maintenance birthday gal) consisted of a different blazer
    If that isn't proof that I love blazers, I don't know what is.
    Some think blazers are too serious for regular daily wear, which is cool, as to each their own.
    How about you though? Are you a blazer fan as well?

    Wearing: H&M glen plaid blazer  |  Mango ribbon mules  |  Bag from Kinji Used Clothing, Tokyo  |  Lovisa earrings
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    1. You look wonderfully professional and business like in this soft grey plaid blazer. This is how I'd imagine you as a high powered business woman! Blazers are an iconic traditional garment and you're quite splendid in yours Liyana!! Love, Jude

      1. Thank you so much Judy! <3 Yes this is definitely another one of my hypothetical office outfits! Very happy that you agree with me that blazers are an iconic piece xo

    2. I really love a soft blazer for casual (less structured), and the more 'sharp' blazers for dressing up. Though I admit I mostly wear them to meetings, interviews, workshops, or events. Rarely for complete casual! Though sometimes you need something for a casual-meeting that still feels somewhat dressed up.

      I LOVE those statement earrings btw. So groovy.

      1. OK so I have to be honest, I am so pleased you call my earrings "groovy" because you're right, they ARE! <3

        Casual blazers are a winner in my book! Come to think of it, the fact that I don't work - hence never needing to attend business-y occasions - probably contribute a lot to how I view blazers. I wonder of there are some people out there who find the thought of wearing a blazer on a casual day out absolutely unappealing because they associate it with work? Food for thought for me I suppose!

    3. It looks so stunning and put together on you! I'm definitely a fan of blazers too haha

      xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

      1. Thank you Sofia! I haven't met a single person who isn't a fan of blazers, but it's for a good obvious reason obviously!


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