Sweet Embroidered Cloth Ballet Flats from China & My Sartorial Willpower

Maybe you remember this flowy green high-front-low-back top that I wore on Eid two years ago? I expressed excitement at the anticipation of wearing it with jeans in that Eid outfit post, so #goalsachieved as this is already the second time I'm jeans-ing the versatile top on the blog.

But the real stars of this OOTD? The sweet tied-around-the-ankles, two-toned embroidered cloth ballet flats I bought last year from a little shop in the gorgeous Zhouzhuang water town near Shanghai.

The shop had rows and rows of colourful embroidered cloth flats and shoes which made it so hard in deciding which ONE pair to take back to Malaysia with me, but this red-and-green pair (such an unusual combination too, right?) just somehow telepathically spoke to me.

Also: yes, an entire year passed by before I wore them. I'm known to stash clothing accruments for a prolonged period of time before "debuting" them at the right moment, so I suppose you could say it's like......I possess a special kind of sartorial willpower.

Or not. (Food for thought).

Read: That willpower MUST be related to my "collector" persona, I'm sure of it.

Wearing: Top from Subang Parade  |  Mango ripped jeans  |  Embroidered cloth ballet flats from China  |  Backpack from Myeongdong market, Seoul

PS: Intensely wishing I had blogged about the nicknamed "Venice of the East" water town to link in this post, but you can peek the place in my Instagram pics here!

Update (6/6): Decided to share Zhouzhuang pics after all, check out the photo diary!


  1. I saw the ballet flats on your Instagram and quickly arrived here. They're so unique and eye-catching. And you look so stylish in this high low top. Your collector attitude is pretty strong girl, hehehe! I admire your sartorial power and how very graceful you look in this casual chic number. Is there a look that you can't do? Please do a rocker one please! Happy buka puasa to you :) xoxo

    1. Buka puasa has been fantastic every day so far, thank you for the well wish! =D

      OMG the fact that you said "rocker" made me excited! The things is, I bought my first ever proper leather jacket a couple of months ago but didn't have the chance to wear it yet!!! (Leather jacket = rocker vibes, right?) I mean, where in Malaysia could I wear it? Genting isn't even that cold anymore...although that will probably be the place I'll wear it to, as I don't see myself travelling overseas anytime soon during the cold seasons.

      But what should I wear it with? I honestly don't even know yet. I don't even own any tight black jeans to make it have super rocker vibez, but then tight jeans aren't very "hijabi", so I need to figure out what "rocker hijabi" would look like... Suggestions welcomed!

  2. You look so stylish! Those shoes are really cute!! xo


    1. Thank you Tasfia! I appreciate it <3

  3. The navy and green are a refreshing combination that often used to be referred to as "preppy" here in the U.S. The huge standout here is those very fun red embroidered shoes!! I ordered some hightop sneakers on line last year ghat have a very similar vibe to these. You look terrific my young friend! Love, Kude

    1. Thank you my dear Judy! <3

      Ah, I never thought of it as preppy but you're right, it IS a pretty classic "preppy" colours combo, isn't it? The thing is, preppy is rarely spotted here in Malaysia, plus I don't think I know anyone personally with that kind of style so I must say it's a style that I'm very much less familiar with.

      And by the way I am VERY intrigued about these hightop sneakers of yours!!! I hope you don't mind me asking (I think you don't though, since I've done this plenty of times) but please oh please send me photos of them if you get the chance to!

    2. You got it my dear!! Jude


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