After my last outfit post featuring a pair of dainty embroidered cloth shoes from Zhouzhuang — and expressing regret over not sharing photos of the little ancient water town — I've decided to go ahead and share them now anyway, even though it's been over a year since my trip there.

There are plenty of water towns, or water villages, near Shanghai so Shah and I had a hard time choosing which to go, but in the end Shah decided to go with Zhouzhuang as it was relatively easy and time-saving to go from where we stayed at in Shanghai (also because I had given up on trying to choose which one to go to and asked Shah to decide on his own entirely, which is a rare thing for my opinionated-self to do).

The thing is, Venice is one of my most favourite cities in the world so I was incredibly intrigued about visiting a water town dubbed "Venice of the East" in a country with totally different vibes from Italy. From what I've read, Zhouzhuang and the other water towns were every bit as touristy as Venice iswhichch made me even more curious.

At the end of my day there, however, I stopped comparing Zhouzhuang to Venice. Aside from having canals and little buildings and homes surrounding them, their similarities end there; Zhouzhuang absolutely has its own Eastern charms and quirks, with its own brand of beauty. It made me wish I had the time to visit the other water towns near Shanghai.
Who knows, perhaps one day soon?

      Ugh, LOOK at all the sweet cloth shoes! See what I mean when I said it was hard to choose which pair to bring home in my previous outfit post? I'm mentally shopping for some of them now, and on that note, which pair (or pairs) would YOU choose?

      Hope you enjoyed perusing through these photos! 

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